TNA Impact! Wrestling Ratings Suffer Major Setback: Who Is to Blame?

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IIJuly 14, 2012

Credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling
Credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling

The story of TNA Impact! Wrestling for this summer has been a positive one. Impact! has been producing its finest live episodes in recent memory, built around a roster full of talented younger stars and a good veteran presence.

Mixed in with some intriguing storylines and Austin Aries sending shock waves around the wrestling world as the new World Heavyweight Champion, TNA is bound to score a big night in the ratings department.

If anyone would have guessed it would be this past Thursday's edition, they might have been right.

That was not meant to be, however. After Viacom's channels were no longer showing on DirecTV earlier this week, TNA could have been bound for a sudden drop off in the ratings.

That turned out to be true, as Impact! Wrestling suffered through a rough week in the ratings (TV By the Numbers).

The July 12th edition of Impact! Wrestling dropped off the Top 50 list on television Thursday night. TNA had just 1.1 million viewers.

The ratings drop could certainly be blamed on the loss of audience from the Viacom and DirecTV situation. Before Thursday's live edition of Impact! TNA featured a video of Hulk Hogan pleading with fans to call DirecTV to bring back their Viacom channels (Impact 


My Quick Take:

This was an unfortunate situation for all parties here. Viacom's channels being out of DirecTV for the time hurt Impact! Wrestling in many ways. If an agreement was reached, I think this ratings report would be much more positive because of the excitement that Austin Aries brought was the new World Heavyweight Champion and Impact! being a quality show in recent months.

Hopefully, and finally, an agreement will be reached before Thursday. TNA has been doing very well and does not deserve to see a struggle because of this situation.

Unfortunate is a great word to describe this all.