TNA: Where Does Zema Ion Rank Among Top Heels in IMPACT Wrestling?

Charlie GSenior Writer IJuly 13, 2012

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One year ago, Zema Ion and Austin Aries were just Indy wrestlers looking to catch their big break. That big break came in the form of TNA’s X-Division Showcase Tournament.

In an attempt to beef up the X-Division, TNA scanned through the Indy scenes in search of top quality X-Division wrestlers. They brought in Austin Aries, Low Ki, Jack Evans, Tony Nese, Zema Ion, Jimmy Rave and many more.

The winner of the tournament would receive a grand prize: an IMPACT Wrestling contract. Austin Aries would exit Destination X with a surefire IMPACT contract and the other eleven participants’ futures were up in the air.

Zema Ion was one of few X-Division wrestlers that impressed IMPACT officials enough to give him a contract even in defeat.

Aries would quickly rise to the top of the X-Division and reigned supreme as X-Division Champion for nearly 300 long days. Ion would struggle to stay afloat within the X-Division and, it pains me to say, his breakout moment came when he broke Jesse Sorensen’s neck.

TNA would use this in Zema Ion’s favor as a way of garnering heat from the crowd. As Aries became the most popular man in the X-Division, Ion quickly became the least popular man in the X-Division. The two eventually faced off going into TNA Victory Road where the self-proclaimed “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” would walk out victorious.

Aries would continue his reign of dominance, eventually fighting guys out of the X-Division such as Bully Ray and Samoa Joe. Meanwhile, it seemed like Zema Ion vanished from the scene in TNA.

Slowly moving into the one-year anniversary of earning their respective contracts, both men had the chance of reaching gold. For Aries, he’d challenge Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X. For Ion, he’d enter a tournament for the X-Division Championship.

Both guys, one year after earning their contracts at Destination X, left as champions. Aries, the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and Ion, the new TNA X-Division Champion.

This, however, is an article about the lesser known guy. This is an article about Zema Ion.

Shortly after the Ultimate X match ended, Ion was interviewed by Christy Hemme. Ion claimed to not only become the X-Division Champion, but the “Prettiest X-Division Champion” ever. He would go onto dedicate his championship victory to the man who’s neck he broke just six months ago, Jesse Sorensen. This would make Ion look like a bigger scumbag than when he broke Sorensen’s neck in the first place.

Zema Ion, whether you like it or not, has been the top heel in the X-Division for quite some time now. Granted, he didn’t get to showcase it because the champ, Austin Aries, was moving onto bigger and better things.

The Sorensen-Against All Odds incident is what made Ion the most hated man in the X-Division. But, where does Zema Ion rank among the heels within IMPACT Wrestling?

Sure we have Bully Ray, Bobby Roode and Daniels as the top three heels in TNA. Then, there are the guys like Crimson, Zema Ion, Gunner, Kid Kash, Magnus, Robbie E and Rob Terry.

Gunner and Kash have missed a significant amount of TV time to be even considered in the league of the Bully Rays and Bobby Roodes. People tend to look at Robbie E and Rob Terry more as jokes than legitimate heels. And Magnus only recently returned to IMPACT as a heel. Before then, he was a babyface tag team wrestler with Samoa Joe.

And surely, none of the guys listed above have done anything as bad as break another man’s neck. Zema Ion nearly ended Sorensen’s career and is using that to elevate himself.

What I’m trying to say is that Zema Ion is basically the fourth top heel in TNA behind Bully Ray, Bobby Roode and Daniels (fifth if you want to count Kazarian with Daniels).

I believe, if given the TV time, Zema Ion can prove why he’s one of the top heels. With rumors of Dutt, King and Andrews getting contracts, it looks as if TNA is placing more emphasis on the X-Division. And with more emphasis on the division, that surely means more TV time for them, right? Zema Ion has the ability to be a great heel in the X-Division. The more the crowd sees of this guy, the more they hate him.

He barely even has to touch a microphone because fans already know he’s the man behind Sorensen’s injury.

If Zema Ion is given a fair amount of TV time on IMPACT, I feel like he can prove why he deserves to be considered one of the elite heels within IMPACT Wrestling.

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