Could Michael Vick Become an Oakland Raider and Is It Worth It?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 17, 2009


The Falcons are looking to release Michael Vick to a new team and the Oakland Raiders have a powerful QB in Jamarcus Russell.

But what if the Raiders were to sign Michael Vick? Could Vick be the leader the Raiders need at the QB position? It is kinda exciting if you think about it.

Well, it is definitely something for Al Davis to consider. The Oakland Raiders have long held the legacy of getting  players that are on their way out or have been deemed "bad-boy." Michael Vick surely meets this requirement.

Okay, so he was foolish enough to get caught at the Miami airport with marijuana. Then he was caught fighting pittbulls at his residence. Is it possible that he has learned from his mistakes? I would think that sitting in prison should be an eye opener for this young QB. I am certain he had a lot of time to think about the position he had and realize that he could really turn his life around and do some good.

If Vick was to QB for the Oakland Raiders he definitely would bring the running attack. I am not talking about Fargas, McFadden, or Bush either. I am talking about Vick, the QB that runs for 1000 yds a season. This would really hurt a lot of defenses. The coaching staff would really be struggling to figure out what the next play might be.

Vick is a great QB who has an arm and he can run. Jamarcus has an arm but his running skills are...well, not as good as Vick. I can see it now: the blitz as Vick throws to Higgins or McFadden...TD!!! Raiders!!! The Raider fans would surely welcome him.

Michael Vick would also be under a new coaching staff and I feel he would fit well with the Oakland Raiders. He has the bad boy image already and he is a good player. He would have to get some serious work outs and would be a backup at the start but if he can out perform JaMarcus Russell and win games it could be a sight to see.

The Oakland Raiders have already begun work on the offensive line and if Vick has time he could really hurt those great teams we are playing next season. I think its one of those up in the air decisions. I really don't think it would be damaging to the Raiders to pick up a QB of Vick's caliber.

Vick has done his time so the crime is behind.  Vick would come with a hefty price tag, so I don't think Al is willing to pay, but he does look like an Oakland Raider.

I can tell you that the AFC West rivals don't want Vick to go to the Raiders.

Arrggghhhhh! Go Raiders!!!