Ohio State Football: 5 Buckeyes Who Will Be Hurt by Meyer's New Offense

Luke Pashke@@luke_pashkeCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2012

Ohio State Football: 5 Buckeyes Who Will Be Hurt by Meyer's New Offense

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    To be quite honest, any offensive change would have been a major improvement compared to the offense we were so inhumanely forced to watch last season. Minus the accomplished feeling you would get when you would correctly predict the exact next play, there really is nothing to miss about the offense of the past.

    With the hiring of Urban Meyer, the Buckeyes will field a logical and extremely effective spread attack that utilizes his best players talents.

    With such a successful offense being implemented as we speak in Columbus, it seems like everyone wins. This, however, is not the case. While the majority of the current offensive players do benefit from this new system, a few may have to change their style of play.

Zach Boren

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    Zach Boren may be the best classic fullback in all of college football and while that's great, this offense doesn't really require an old-school fullback. Boren is an excellent run-blocker who excelled immensely in Tressel's more traditional I-formation offense.

    As of now, we can't be entirely sure how good of a receiver or rusher Boren is, but if he wants to make a major impact in this offense, he may want to bone up in these two areas.

    This being said, Boren has such an excellent work ethic and great leadership that I fully expect him to find his niche in this offense, wherever that may be. He may not see the field every single play and it probably won't be easy, but Boren will make his impact.

Antonio Underwood

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    Antonio Underwood was originally recruited as a future offensive tackle and even started a game this past season at right tackle. During Jim Tressel's era at Ohio State, him and Jim Bollman would commonly recruit bigger and stronger but slower offensive linemen to meet the needs of their schemes.

    Now with Meyer at the helm, he is looking for longer, more athletic tackles to fit the needs of his offense and Underwood certainly doesn't fit this bill.

    Underwood may find his way as a guard under Meyer, but as of now he is the odd man out on the offensive line.

Devin Smith

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    After catching the biggest pass of the year and having an exceptional freshman season, many are expecting Smith to have a coming out party in 2012.

    While he still may have an excellent sophomore season, as of now, it's still up in the air as to how he will adjust to the spread offense. Smith struggled with his route-running and now needs to readjust to different types of routes in Meyer's system.

    Certainly I'm not saying Smith won't see a lot of the field in 2012, but the new system may increase the young wideout's learning curve, which may decrease his production.

Kenny Guiton

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    I know what you're thinking. "How could this new system be bad for Guiton?" Guiton's skill set is perfect for this offense. This guy is a true spread quarterback with a high school background in the offense and the speed to participate effectively in the system.

    So where's the problem? The problem has nothing to do with Kenny Guiton.

    While the spread offense is very compatible to Guiton's talents, it is absolutely perfect for Braxton Miller's and because it suits Miller so well, Guiton has officially no chance to start, barring an injury.

Reid Fragel

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    One thing Meyer's offense doesn't really require is a blocking tight end, and that is exactly what Reid Fragel was.

    Keyword there is was. Due to Fragel's unneeded abilities, the senior has bulked up to 310-plus lbs and is currently transitioning to the tackle position. 

    This is bad news for Fragel, who has struggled in his adjustment to right tackle. The former tight end has struggled mightily in the pass protection department and is in serious danger of losing his starting spot to true freshman, Taylor Decker.

    Perhaps Fragel will pan out as a tackle, but thanks to Meyer's new scheme, Fragel has to work a lot harder to the field in 2012.