Fantasy Basketball: Tyson Chandler Traded To Oklahoma City

Tom LorenzoContributor IFebruary 17, 2009 is reporting that the New Orleans Hornets have traded 26-year old center Tyson Chandler (C, OKC) to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a package that is said to include forwards Joe Smith (PF/C, NOH) and Chris Wilcox (PF/C, NOH).

From a fantasy perspective, Chandler owners hope that this is the spark that lights the fire inside of the underachieving 7-footer. All season long, Chandler has been a bust, declining across the board statistically in what many thought would be another solid season from the eight-year vet.

Last season, Chandler managed to average a double-double (11.8 PTS and 11.8 RB), making him one of the more productive bigs in the NBA. However, this season he's managed only 11 double-doubles in 32 games and has averaged a mere 8.8 PTS and 8.3 RB per game.   

There is a real chance that in OKC Chandler can manage to motivate himself enough to make an impact from a fantasy perspective, yet it remains to be seen if his ankle problem will continue to be an issue. It's also hard to get excited about a guy who shoots 58.4 percent from the free throw line heading down the stretch. 

He will not produce similarly to a guy like Dwight Howard (C, ORL), who you can justify owning with that putrid 58.8 FT percent. Chandler, at best, remains a 10-and-10 potential guy in the paint who can shoot in the high-50s from the field, yet won't block more than 1.5 shots per. 

If you have Chandler, hope for the best.  If you don't own Chandler, I would advise against getting too excited about him and trading a valued asset to get him in return.

On the negative side, guys like Nick Collison (PF/C, NOH) and Nenad Krstic (C, NOH) will both take a hit in minutes played. Neither was worth much more than a flier to begin with, but unless the Thunder decide to slot Kevin Durant (SG/SF, OKC) to the two-guard and move Jeff Green (SF/PF, OKC) to the three, opening up minutes for Collison, both will take a hit in their current production. 

Over in New Orleans, the guy to watch is Hilton Armstrong (PF/C, NOH). He was in the starting lineup just before the All-Star Break and could remain there with Smith and Wilcox coming off the bench. The prospects of Smith and Wilcox don't excite me much, pending Armstrong getting completely overmatched as a starter. 

Neither Wilcox nor Smith has had anything more than a few nice games here and there.  Both are fine players coming off the bench, but their fantasy impact should be limited. 

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