Jarrett Jack Traded to Golden State: What It Means for All Teams Involved

Robin LalisseCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2012

Dorell Wright should be happy with going to Philadelphia with a more-defined role.
Dorell Wright should be happy with going to Philadelphia with a more-defined role.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, yesterday's trade of Dorell Wright to the Philadelphia 76ers has a new twist, with Jarrett Jack going to the Golden State Warriors and Bosnian Forward Edin Bavcic joining the New Orleans Hornets.

While this isn't an update about the Dwight Howard situation or any other potential superstar move, it is an intriguing move for all teams involved, and could help the hopes of two teams involved in this trade regarding their chances for a playoff berth this season. 

Let's look at how this trade affects each respective team involved, and a grade for each team.


New Orleans Hornets

This trade seems to be a salary cap dump for the Hornets. Jack's $5.4 million salary for this season now goes to the Warriors, and opens up space for the contracts of Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis, which could cost at least $20 million combined for the next four seasons.

With Greivis Vasquez nearly averaging as many assists per game (5.4) as Jarrett Jack did (6.3) when Jack played nine more minutes a game, there seemingly was not enough space in the backcourt for both of them.

Plus, Vasquez's length (6'6'') and athleticism allows him to defend multiple positions, and have better vision as a passer.

With Gordon and No. 10 pick Austin Rivers both being combo guards who need the ball in their hands a lot to succeed, Vasquez's pure passing ability opens up the entire floor for those young players, as well as new explosive big men like Ryan Anderson and No. 1 pick Anthony Davis. 

The addition of Edin Bavcic potentially replaces the loss of power forward Gustavo Ayon, who the Hornets traded in the Anderson deal with the Magic.

That being said, unless the Hornets bring back Marco Belinelli as a backup shooting guard to Gordon, this trade will reduce their depth greatly in the backcourt.

Grade: C-

Golden State Warriors

With Stephen Curry yet to either stay healthy or sign a long-term extension, and without a true backup point guard on the roster, the addition of Jarrett Jack for the subtraction of Dorell Wright is a great move for Coach Mark Jackson's Warriors. 

With rookie Harrison Barnes and veteran Richard Jefferson handling the small forward position, Wright was a talented player with no spot on this team.

Trading him for a guy like Jarrett Jack who will only be 29 at the start of the season, but has some veteran experience, and is only on a one-year deal will give Golden State experience that will help immensely.

Curry has great ball handling skills, but can play a lot of shooting guard with his ability to score from the perimeter with Jack at the point. 

Having a bench with tested players like Jack and Jefferson will be immensely important for a Warriors team with a lot of talent, but a need for players to echo Mark Jackson's messages.

Grade: B+


Philadelphia 76ers

With expiring contracts for talented but inconsistent swingmen like Dorell Wright ($4.1 million) and Nick Young ($6 million), Philadelphia looks like a team poised to try to make a run in the 2013 NBA free-agent frenzy. 

That being said, they also want to be a team that can match up and score with Eastern Conference contenders this season, and Wright was a great scorer in his first year with the Warriors.

He averaged over 16 points a game in the 2010-11 season, and finished third in NBA Most Improved Player of the Year voting. 

With Marc Jackson bringing a more defensive-minded approach, however, Wright spent a lot less time on the court, and he only scored over 10 points a game last season.

With Wright likely as Andre Igoudala's backup, it allows the rookie duo of Moe Harkless and Arnett Moultrie to have about a year to develop.

It also give Doug Collins a more versatile bench that doesn't force somebody like Igoudala or Harkless to play as a very undersized power forward in some lineups. 

Giving up a useless prospect for an expiring contract of a very talented wing player who can score is a steal of a trade for the 76ers.

While the other Atlantic Division teams have made bigger moves, the Philadelphia 76ers have been the best bargain shoppers in the 2012 NBA Free Agency period, other than the Miami Heat, of course.

Grade: A+