Former Champions Who Could Join the WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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Former Champions Who Could Join the WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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    Currently, the WWE Money In The Bank ladder match only has four participants.

    These men—John Cena, Big Show, Kane and Chris Jericho—are all future WWE Hall of Famers and have dozens of classic matchups in their collective history, however, a ladder match is not the best way to get a good match out of these individuals.

    Kane and Big Show weigh over 300 pounds and both men, plus Chris Jericho, are over 40 years old. Jericho was once a great high flyer but those days are well behind him, so spectacular action cannot be expected from him.

    Cena has the great TLC match with Edge at Unforgiven 2006 on his résumé, but little in his back catalogue of achievements suggests that he will be a natural in this match.

    Therefore, the WWE should look to add some bodies to help with the high spots and improve the general quality of a match that will disappoint if it does not have some highlight reel moments.

    These suggested additions are limited to former WWE champions and this list explores what they could add to the match and if their inclusion would be worth it

The Miz

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    One of the two most obvious additions, The Miz is a smaller guy who has taken some big bumps before and owns a previous Money In The Bank win in 2010.

    The biggest advantage of bringing Miz back is that he can take several large bumps without effecting his image as an opportunist. 'The Awesome One' is also known for his sneaky tactics which is an ideal way to add tension to the match where the winner doesn't have to be the dominant superstar.

    However, Miz is not a natural high flyer so he may not add too many highlight-reel moments and he may be too close in character to Jericho.

Rey Mysterio

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    The other obvious choice, Rey Mysterio has been out of action since just after SummerSlam last year with an injury and then a 60-day ban for a wellness policy violation.

    Mysterio is one of the purest high-flyers to have ever entered a WWE ring and has countless four-star ladder matches to his name. This would be an instant upgrade to the quality of the match as well as being a great platform for Rey to remind the fans what he is so good at doing.

    One note of caution is that Mysterio has been out for a long time and is 37 years old, so he may need time to get back up to match speed. This would be difficult in such a risky match like Money In The Bank and could open up the chance of Rey re-injuring himself.

Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus

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    Alberto Del Rio had two spells as WWE champion in 2011 while Sheamus shocked the WWE Universe in 2008 when he claimed the title.

    These men face off for the World Heavyweight championship at Money In The Bank pay-per-view, but if that happens before the WWE Money In The Bank match, then there is no reason why either man cannot be added to the participants.

    Del Rio would offer the more interesting in-ring style as the former lucha libre legend has the potential to also star in a Money In The Bank match if given the opportunity. His innovative offense with a ladder was seen when he won the Money In The Bank match last year.

    Sheamus would add another top name to the event but is another heavy brawler whose use of the environment would be limited. However, the current fan consensus that John Cena is going to win this match could be thrown out if Sheamus was to enter. 

Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy

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    These TNA stars are unlikely additions considering that they are signed with the other company but these former champions, and in Van Dam's case Money In The Bank winner, would be perfect additions to this matchup.

    Van Dam is small enough for Big Show and Kane (and Cena for that matter) to throw about while 'Mr. PPV' has so many moves with different weapons he could even the score.  Even if he was just inserted to do one or two spots, it would add something to the match.

    Hardy meets the same qualifications as he has made a career from daredevil moves as well as being one of the innovators of the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, which the Money In The Bank match can trace its genesis through.

    Hardy or Van Dam (or both) hitting the ring would also be a moment to remember as the TNA invasion would have started.

    Of course, age with Van Dam is as much a factor as it is the rest of the participants in this match, which may slow him down, and Hardy is not the most reliable superstar in the world, but they are the best sized wrestlers that meet the qualifying criteria.

Randy Orton and Dave Batista

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    These former champions could be added to the match if the WWE allowed Randy Orton to return early or if the WWE did a one-off deal with Batista, but neither man would add much to the match.

    They both possess huge amounts of star power but both big men are brawlers which is a type of wrestler well covered in the match already.

    Neither man is likely to perform dramatic moves or take the win from those already in the match, so their re-introduction would be more useful at another time.

Kurt Angle

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    Obviously another man under TNA contract, Kurt Angle would be a great addition to the Money In The Bank ladder match and would put Angle in the middle of the title hunt without a warm-up feud first or falling flat like Chris Jericho did.

    Angle is surprisingly good with weapons considering that he is known for being a pure grappler, and the Olympic challenger has never been afraid to take a bump. Angle suplexing a ladder onto an opponent is one of the most creative hardcore moves around.

    What holds this back (apart from him being a member of the TNA roster) is Angle's injury issues in previous years and the WWE might not want to risk such a precious asset (if the WWE ever got their hands on him again) in such a brutal matchup.

Mick Foley

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    Mick Foley, especially as Cactus Jack, would add a hardcore air to the Money In The Bank match.

    The question is whether Foley would offer anything more than reputation, though.

    Foley has taken some of the greatest and most damaging bumps in WWE history, which means that he is willing to do whatever is necessary for the event.

    Despite those falls, and the fact he has not kept himself in the best physical shape, means that Foley is severely limited in his ability to move, let alone wrestle.

    If given the opportunity, Foley would be willing, but it would be better for the match if he was not part of it.

The Undertaker

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    The Deadman is a very unlikely candidate to be added to the match, but as a former champion, he does meet the criteria.

    Any time that The Undertaker is in the ring from now on should be considered a gift to the WWE Universe, as his appearances are now so few and far between, however, he would add very little to this match.

    Age and inactivity has made the greatest big man wrestler a lot more slow and ponderous than he once was and another title match would not add to his character at this point in his career.  

    Better opportunities to use The Deadman should be taken instead.

John Bradshaw Layfield

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    The return of JBL has been rumored for some time since his charitable work was so highly publicized by the WWE website.

    Little is currently known about the Texan's wrestling condition and his smash-mouth style is similar to those already involved.

    JBL is also a big man so he is unlikely to participate in any high-flying antics missing from the current participants.

    A return for JBL would be exciting, but he would be better used elsewhere.

Kevin Nash

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    Having made one surprise reappearance at the Royal Rumble in 2011, there is no reason why Kevin Nash may not shock the world once again with another one.

    Yet the addition of the man once known as Diesel would take far more away from the match than it would add.

    There is no hiding the fact that Nash's knees are bad and they preclude him from taking the big bumps which would be the purpose of his addition in the match.

    Nash needs to stay away from the event.

Triple H and Brock Lesnar

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    If these men were to enter the Money In The Bank ladder match, it would be together or not at all.

    Triple H, like The Undertaker, does not need another title reign to add to his career so the only reason for him to enter the match would be to stop Brock Lesnar from winning.

    Although not immediately apparent, there is a certain logic to Lesnar being included in the Money In The Bank match.

    Lesnar's current storyline involves him wanting to either be the focus of the WWE with a lucrative contract or not be part of the company at all.

    Becoming the champion puts a wrestler at the strongest possible bargaining position, and winning Money In The Bank brings Lesnar far closer to that goal.

    Of course, this is another very unlikely scenario, but both men would add another dimension to the match, and carnage would reign supreme.

Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Bret Hart

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    These three men might be retired, but there is always hope that they may return for one night only and a chance at a title shot seems to be good motivation.

    Their reappearance may well happen, but not until eight nights later when Raw has its 1,000th show. These three are clearly being lined up for that event, so they will not make a surprise appearance at Money In The Bank.

The Rock

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    The People's Champion is the most likely of the unlikely group of former champions to make a shock appearance at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

    Rock has repeatedly claimed that he wants to fight for the WWE championship at WrestleMania 29 and one way to guarantee this ambition, other than winning the Royal Rumble match, is to win Money In The Bank.

    If that happened, regardless of how good the match was, everyone would be happy with the match. 

Those Who Will Not Participate

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    Many people hope and dream that Edge will make one final appearance in the WWE ring, especially in a match like this which he helped make famous.

    The reality of the situation is that he retired so quickly because his neck condition was extremely critical and a dangerous match like Money In The Bank would be the worst possible type of match if he were to make a one-off return.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    It would be a massive waste to have Austin return in a match like this.

    Stone Cold headlining an event is guaranteed to sell half a million pay-per-views by itself, and losing that for a quick pop at a minor pay-per-view is nonsensical.

    Vince McMahon

    The Chairman of the WWE is technically a former champion and could be part of the event, however it will not happen.

    Sensibly, Vince has been slowly giving away backstage power after eliminating himself, for the most part, from television last year so such a huge reversal in direction is incredibly unlikely.

    The Ultimate Warrior

    There is not enough time in the world to explain why Warrior will not make a shock appearance at this or any other WWE event.

    If he does return, it will be at the 1,000th show and might go down as the greatest shock in Raw's history.

    Hulk Hogan

    Apart from being a TNA wrestler, Hogan would be a terrible choice to join the Money In The Bank ladder match as age and injury have made him one of the least mobile wrestlers to grace the ring.

    Even Hogan has started to realize those limitations, so a ladder match is a no-go for him.

    Bob Backlund, Sycho Sid and other retired veterans

    Although it is fun to think what impact former champions could make, there is a point where it becomes too unbelievable even if they have made recent one-off appearances in the run up to Raw's 1,000th episode.

    If these type of individuals did add themselves to the event, it would be for novelty purposes only and would take away from the overall match.


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