Eric Gordon: 5 Reasons Retaining Star SG Will Haunt New Orleans Hornets

Matt Shetler@@buccos12Correspondent IJuly 11, 2012

Eric Gordon: 5 Reasons Retaining Star SG Will Haunt New Orleans Hornets

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    All signs point to the New Orleans Hornets matching the four-year, $58 million offer sheet that guard Eric Gordon signed with the Phoenix Suns.

    Doing so allows the Hornets to keep a good player that has averaged over 20 points per game the past two seasons, despite being hurt for most of 2012.

    While Gordon is a nice player, is he a guy the Hornets can build around?

    Ultimately the Hornets will regret matching Gordon's deal, and here's a look at why.

1. He Doesn't Want to Be There

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    We saw what happened with Dwight Howard not wanting to be in Orlando and the circus that still exists around him wanting to get out of town.

    I'm not saying Gordon has that type of ego to constantly remind people every day of his unhappiness, but it still could create an ugly situation.

    You don't want a player that doesn't want to be there, and Gordon has made that perfectly clear by making comments that would insinuate the fact that the Suns are more committed to his future than the Hornets.

    When players are disgruntled, it creates problems in the locker room, and the Hornets could be heading down a very dangerous path.

2. Austin Rivers

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    The Hornets drafted Rivers with the second of their first-round picks and they are going to want to get a look at him, which ultimately could cut into Gordon's minutes.

    Drafting a 2-guard didn't make Gordon happy, as he told ESPN's Ric Bucher: "They drafted another shooting guard, a combo guard like me, which tells me they have another plan." 

    If Rivers does well, are the Hornets going to keep one of them on the bench for four years?

    Gordon doesn't seem like the type of player willing to mentor Rivers right now, so the competition between the two could be a problem.

3. Leadership

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    Anthony Davis, not Gordon, is now the face of the franchise, and that's something that could bother him.

    You want a guy that's earning a max contract to be a leader on and off the court and to show the rookies how an NBA player acts.

    An unhappy Gordon won't be a player that guys like Davis and Rivers will want to model themselves after, and having a disgruntled player around who could potentially send them down the wrong path could be risky.

4. Injury Concerns

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    Gordon is a small and very strong guard who is subject to punishment.

    It has been a struggle the past three years for Gordon to be on the court, as he's played in only 127 of his past 230 games.

    That's a lot of money to offer for someone who you never know will be healthy from year-to-year.

5. Trade Value

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    As you are aware, big contracts are very difficult to move, especially with the new CBA signed last November.

    With that being said, Gordon's salary will be very tough to move in the future, and the Hornets could be stuck with a disgruntled player who could potentially cause a distraction for the next four years.