2013 Football Recruiting: Mid-July Pac-12 Recruiting Rankings

Michael TierneyAnalyst IJuly 10, 2012

USC has captured some of the best in the U.S.
USC has captured some of the best in the U.S.

Here are the current July 10th Scout.com recruiting standings that highlight the Pac-12 rankings.

USC being on top is not a surprise.

Washington and UCLA moving so far up are both a surprise.

Oregon and Stanford losing both their grip on the North and slipping down is also news.

What happened to Cal? And why is Utah not drawing talent?

Here is where the Pac-12 teams rank nationally:


#4 USC

USC has a top ranking even though they only have 11 commits. The more impressive aspect is that they have five 5-star pledges and six 4-star commits. The Trojans have an outrageous 4.45 average star ranking, the highest in the nation and possibly the highest ever.


#14 Washington

Washington does not have any 5-star commits, but they do have six 4-star verbals and eight 3-star pledges. They also have a couple of commits ranked a little bit lower to give them 16 commits total. They have not been this hot in recruiting for a while.


#20 UCLA

It looks like UCLA is gaining ground on the Pac-12 recruiting front again. UCLA does not have any 5-star commits, but they do have five 4-star verbals. The Bruins also have three 3-star pledges and three other commits for a total of 10. The Bruins are clawing their way back.


#23 Arizona

The Wildcats are right on the heels of the Bruins with respect to recruiting. Arizona has no 5-star commits, but they do have one 4-star, 11 3-star, and seven other pledges that are less than 3-stars. The Wildcats have 22 total, but in the long run, Arizona will probably fall below Oregon and Stanford.


#27 Oregon

What is going on with Oregon? They must be off to a slow start. The Ducks have one 5-star, three 4-star and three 3-star commits. They also have a commit who is less than a 3-star, but I would have expected Oregon to have more than eight commits total. Maybe the thought of possible sanctions, or Chip leaving, or losing so much to the NFL last year is affecting Duck recruiting.


#47 Stanford

Here is a bigger surprise. Why is there such a drop-off with Stanford's recruiting? No 5-star players? Only two 4-star players? Does this mean that there could be a change in the Pac-12 North with Washington on top of Stanford and Oregon? The Cardinal does have two 3-star commits and another lesser pledge for a small sum of five total commits. I expected the Cardinal to be second in this race.


#50 Colorado

I would not have thought that the Buffaloes would be on the heels of the Cardinal, but it is true, for now. The Buffs do not have any 5-star or 4-star commits. They do have four 3-star pledges and eight other lesser commits for a total of 12. Colorado's campus may possibly have the most appeal.


#53 California

What happened to Cal? They are not relevant in the Pac-12 today, and that is a switch from years gone by. They are ranked less than Colorado with no 5-star players, only one 4-star commit and four 3-star pledges. There are two other 2-star or less commits for a total of seven.


#55 Arizona State

This is where I expected ASU after Brock and Burfict left with not a lot of activity on the recruiting front. The Sun Devils don't have any 5-star commits and only one 4-star pledge like Cal. They only have three 3-star verbals and a few 2-star or less commits, for a total of five.


#63 Washington State

Are we in the realm of not-doing-so-well? I think so. The Cougars have no 5-star, one 4-star and no 3-star commits. That means most of their commits (nine) are 2-stars or less for the 10 total.


#74 Utah

I thought moving to the Pac-12 would help Utah's recruiting. I guess I was wrong. No 5-stars. No 4-stars. Only two 3-star commits and three others that are lesser—five total.


#83 Oregon State

I know we all like Mike Riley. Why don't the recruits? The Beavers are pulling up the rear in recruiting with the likes of Memphis, North Texas, and Florida International. We expect more out of a Pac-12 school. OSU does not claim any 5-star or 4-star commits. Only one 3-star. And one lesser—two total.