Superbike Race Video: Watch Riccardo Russo Lose Race in Hilarious Fashion

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 10, 2012

Finish what you start. 

That may be some cliched advice, but it serves to save you from embarrassing yourself in the worst way imaginable, just like Riccardo Russo.'s Jimmy Traina presented this video he found over at Daily Picks and Flicks, and we are beyond happy he did. 

Total Pro Sports has more information on the Yamaha Team Italia FMI rider who began celebrating his victory one lap too early, causing him to also lose every last bit of his ego along with the lead. 

Russo had roughly a three-bike length lead heading into the final lap of the Stock 600 in the 2012 Italian CIV championship race in Mugello. 

That's when tragedy happened, giving us this simply beautiful moment. 

I don't mean to garner joy from what has to be the worst moment of someone's career, but the gaffe is so egregious it's almost like the images are 3D. 

What's more, he doesn't realize his amazing error, even as a myriad of riders whiz past him, obviously carrying on with the race.

You can almost imagine him screaming, "Woohoo! Hey, where you guys going?"

From what it looked like, he was going to dominate the field to a win, and instead became the laughing stock of the racing world. Three cheers for Riccardo Russo. 

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