My Birthday Wish for New York Jets

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009

As my birthday neared to Feb. 17, I kept asking myself what I should wish for when blowing out the candles. As my birthday came closer, I decided upon my birthday wish for the New York Jets.

Get Ray Lewis!

With Ray Lewis, the Jets instantly become one of the best defenses in the league. Just think about the linebacker core of Ray Lewis, Vernon Gholston, Calvin Pace, and David Harris.

Also, think about how good the Jets run defense would be. The team was fourth against the run last year, and Ray Lewis could bring them to the top.

Lewis energy will help team chemistry and better pump up the Jets.

Jets fans, how pumped did you get imagining him in a Jets uniform there, in the team's huddle?

With Rex Ryan as head coach and Mike Pettine as Defensive Coordinator, he will be a perfect fit.

You might be asking yourself, "Why get a linebacker, when the Jets need a quarterback?

I have faith in Kellen Clemens even though he had a rocky start in 2007. However, Clemons went 3-5 under the same line that Chad Pennington went 1-7 under.

Clemens could have been 4-4 if Justin McCareins did not put grease on his hands before the Ravens game.

But what does this have to do with Ray Lewis? Ray Lewis will make the Jets defense better making Clemens look better.

Let's look at Joe Flacco under the Ravens' defense. He was being praised for being the first rookie quarterback to win two playoff games.

Yet his quarterback rating was in the 50s and averaged only 140 yards passing a game during the playoffs.

So all Kellen Clemens has to do is be decent if the Jets get Lewis, which I think he is more than capable of doing.

So please Jets. Fulfill my birthday wish and get Ray Lewis!