Matt Cassel Receiving Boos During All-Star Festivities in KC Is Uncalled for

Farzin VousoughianContributor IIIJuly 9, 2012

Matt Cassel makes his way through a crowd at Kauffman Stadium.
Matt Cassel makes his way through a crowd at Kauffman Stadium.Rick Diamond/Getty Images

As many baseball fans know, the All-Star Game is taking place in Kansas City. The local media has done their best to promote this and talk about it with their fans. The Kansas City Royals have done a good job of preparing for the 83rd edition of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

This Sunday, the Legends and Celebrities All-Star Softball Game was held in Kauffman Stadium, site of the All-Star Game. One participant many people in Kansas City are familiar with is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, who once played in the Little League World Series.

But when Cassel was spotted, he did not get the reception that most quarterbacks would receive in front of their home crowd. Cassel, heavily booed during the All-Star festivities, probably knew before that he was not popular among the fans. But he certainly got a dose of how Chiefs fans feel about him this past weekend.

@theprogramkc: Matt Cassel received a reception that was 2/3 boos!

@DeAnnSmithkc: George Brett got a huge cheer. Matt Cassel, er, not so much. #boobirds #toughhometowncrowd #ASG

@APdaveskretta: Not surprised Bill Self was largely booed. Lots of #Mizzou fans. But boy, #Chiefs fans harsh on Matt Cassel.

It is understandable that Chiefs fans are not confident in Cassel's ability to win. He has not been perfect since coming to Kansas City in 2009, but this certainly was not the time for fans to show him how they felt. (Same goes for Missouri Tiger fans who gave Kansas basketball head coach, Bill Self, a lot of boos.)

Cassel (and Self) are doing Kansas City a favor. The city was excited two years ago when it learned it would be hosting the 2012 All-Star Game.

Considering it is the offseason in football right now, there is really no need for fans to unleash their hatred for Cassel. While he has not been perfect, he did lead the Chiefs to an AFC West title in 2010, throwing 27 touchdown passes and seven interceptions, earning himself a late Pro Bowl invitation.

But this is a time for Kansas City to shine and show the national media this is a city that can host big events. The idea for fans to boo their quarterback, whether they like him or not, came at the wrong time.

Whether or not the fans like the players, coaches or celebrities participating in the event, it is in their best interest to show their appreciation to those participating in the softball game and helping the city make a name for itself with the spotlight shining on them.

From a football point of view, Cassel has a chance to prove his critics wrong. He performed well with a strong running game that finished first in 2010. Chiefs running backs Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis should help the team get its rushing game back on 2010 form.

In the passing game, Cassel has a lot of receivers that many quarterbacks in the league would love to play with. He is projected to have Dwayne Bowe this season, along with other wide receivers in Jon Baldwin and Steve Breaston.

Cassel also has Tony Moeaki and Kevin Boss at tight end. Along with the running backs, the Chiefs' QB has a lot of options in the passing game this year and should perform better than he did last season.

Cassel left Kauffman Stadium Sunday evening knowing that he is not a player fans want in town. He also knows that there is not much that he can do, other than enter the 2012 season with a strong drive to prove the doubters wrong and bring the Chiefs back to the playoffs and, hopefully, help them win their first postseason game in 19 years.