UFC 148 Results: Dana White Says 'Anderson Silva Is My Favorite Fighter'

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UFC 148 Results: Dana White Says 'Anderson Silva Is My Favorite Fighter'
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Dana White had difficulty putting the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen together. Two years in the making, it just seemed like the middleweight champion would never face the only man in the UFC to make him seem human for a second time. 

However, to everyone's surprise, Dana actually enjoys having to deal with Anderson Silva by every definition of the word. 

"Let me tell you what's always happened. Anderson is such a unique individual to deal with and you know, you've seen me. I've butted heads with this guy and that guy. We argue. It's such a different process when I'm dealing with this guy and I respect him so much, it's like dealing with an artist," White told Bleacher Report after the UFC 148 post-fight press conference.

"It's like dealing with an artist or some big crazy talented actor. That's what it's like. The guy is a fighter. The two times he went to 205, it wasn't because he wanted to. It was because I asked him to." 

While some may take White's comments about Silva being an artist as having other meanings, he truly respects the middleweight champion. After promoting the Brazilian for over six years, he still enjoys finding new and creative ways to build up his champion.

"It's so complex and hard to explain, but I actually like doing it. I like being involved in every aspect of the business with this guy. I love to watch him fight. The anticipation and the buildup to watch this guy do what he does is seriously one of the favorite parts of my job. I love it."

He left the media with some very surprising and kind words. 

"This guy is my favorite fighter. He really is. And as hard as he is to deal with, I just love dealing with this guy."

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