Fallout From All Star Weekend: Trades, Firings, and Rumors

Scott McGrath@smcgrath5Correspondent IFebruary 16, 2009

Reading that title, one might first think of a soap opera. And, away from the All Star Game, that's just what the NBA had this weekend.

Filled with rumors, coach firings, and trades—the All Star Weekend had it all. But, let's start with the most recent news about Terry Porter.

There have been rumors for about three days that Terry Porter, coach of the Phoenix Suns, could be fired by Monday. Well, these rumors proved to be true—they just came a day early.

After Porter was replaced, the Suns announced that Alvin Gentry will be the interim head coach. Porter was put into a tough position as he was given players who played under the "run and gun" style of Mike D'Antoni. However, Porter wanted to be a defensive minded team and didn't have the right players to work this out.

Four months after he was given the job, Porter was fired and the Suns players don't seem too thrilled. When asked about the coaching change, both Shaquille O'Neal and Amare Stoudemire seemed to respond that Porter was a good coach, and they don't know much about Gentry's style.

However, both players say they are optimistic about the future and know that Gentry coaches at a more up-tempo style. That style is back to D'Antoni's roots, so this change may end up benefiting the Suns.

There was also a big-time trade that occurred at the beginning of All Star Weekend between the Toronto Raptors and the Miami Heat. Jermaine O'Neal and Jamario Moon of the Raptors were traded for Heat players Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks.

O'Neal will provide the Heat with the inside presence that Michael Beasley has tried to fill. They have been missing that presence since Shaquille O'Neal departed.

Moon is an exciting, young talent who can fill Shawn Marion's shoes well in Miami.

The "two big men" plan in Toronto simply did not work. Getting Marion may help the Raptors significantly. They now have a solid point guard in Jose Calderon, a solid big man in Chris Bosh, and now a good scorer in Shawn Marion.

The trade is a decent deal for both sides, and hopefully both will reap the benefits. But, lastly, throughout the weekend there have been numerous rumors about other players getting traded. Because there are so many, here is a quick overview of just some.

Starting last week, there have been rumors about Amare Stoudemire of the Suns getting traded. However, there really has been no clue when that might happen, except soon, and who it might be to.

To mix up the situation even more, there have been reports that apparently every single NBA team has expressed some sort of interest in acquiring Stoudemire.

There are reports of Vince Carter getting traded from the Nets every year it seems. But, this year might finally be the time. However, there are many conflicting reports.

Some say that Carter might be traded for Bruce Bowen and Roger Mason of the Spurs. Other reports say the Nets have not had any contact whatsoever with the Spurs. Only time can tell.

Lastly, many other rumors have been popping up with less evidence such as Richard Jefferson potentially being traded, as well as Tyson Chandler and Wally Szczerbiak.

But, for now, it is just time to wait it all out and see what happens.

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