Tom Brady-Peyton Manning Debate: Not from a Colts Fan's Perspective for Once

Johnny RehabCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009

I have read too many articles written by Colts fans with outlandish claims against the Patriots and Tom Brady. They are making it seem like Peyton Manning is playing for a really bad team like the Lions or something. Either people are watching too much ESPN and are getting brainwashed, or they have never heard of NFL NETWORK OR NFL.COM. I would highly suggest going to for facts so you don't put yourself out there to be looking stupid.

Let's start with Super Bowls because they're what separate the two of them significantly. Brady has three Super Bowl rings within a four-year span. Manning has one, not to mention that was one of the worst Super Bowls I have watched. The most exciting thing was Devin Hester's kickoff return on the opening kick of the game.

When it comes to stats is where it gets nasty and arguments really heat up, because not everyone goes to for facts. I had recently argued with a Colts fan about how Manning has had offensive weapons his entire career and a good offensive line.

Manning has only been sacked for an average of 18 times per year, while Brady has been sacked for an average of 29 times per year. Who has the better offensive line? Manning obviously does; he barely gets touched, which is why he has all day to throw the ball.

If you want to know where I got these facts, then I will provide you with the link. Just add up all the sacks and then divide by the number of years they have played to get the average.

Another outlandish claim that was made by a Colts fan was that the Patriots already had a top 10 defense before Brady came and is a reason for his success. This is funny because once again if you look in the 2000 season, the Patriots are ranked 20th overall in defense. So where are these facts coming from, Colts fans?

If Peyton Manning is SO MUCH better than Brady, which there have been many articles written about, then why are they all written by Colts fans? If you have neutral fans that don't support either the Colts or the Patriots saying that Manning is not better than Brady (there are a good number of these fans), then what do you do? They obviously go into delusional mode and just shut down all facts coming in on their comments.

Manning plays selfish offense, which is why he has put up the stats that he has. They do not run the ball and only do if they're on the goal line or really short yardage situations. Manning throws the ball for the entire game pretty much, not to mention that he has three wide receivers that were all drafted in the first round of the draft. But that doesn't matter, right? Because apparently Manning made them good.

That's BS; Reggie Wayne was a really good wide receiver at Miami University, and Anthony Gonzalez was a good wide receiver at Ohio State. Marvin Harrison was a good receiver at Syracuse, and not to mention Dallas Clark was also a first round draft pick. The Colts draft offensive players early and often to make Manning look better. Don't believe me? Fine, check this out.

The Patriots draft players to make a complete team and not a one-sided team like the Colts. The Colts defense isn't that bad though; Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis make a lot of plays and cause turnovers. Since Freeney and Mathis are edge rushers and are probably the fastest off the edge, they cause a lot of trouble for quarterbacks.

When Brady got Randy Moss, Donté Stallworth, and Wes Welker, he threw an NFL record 50 passing touchdowns, and the Patriots as a team set an NFL record for scoring 589 points in a season. Moss also broke Jerry Rice's record by catching 23 touchdown receptions.

Brady did that in the first year that he got offensive weapons of high caliber. Manning has had high caliber offensive weapons for his entire career and not done much with them.

Manning's running game has always been better than Brady's as well. Manning had running backs like Edgerrin James, Joseph Addai, and Dominic Rhodes, who all put up good numbers while they were on the Colts.

Meanwhile Brady has had Antwain Smith, Corey Dillon, Kevin Faulk, and Laurence Maroney. Corey Dillon was a good player, but the Patriots got him when he was already aging. Kevin Faulk is only good for receiving and pass blocking. Laurence Maroney has not showed he was worth a first round draft pick yet and seems to only dance around at the line of scrimmage.

This year was probably the best running game the Patriots have had in a while—but nowhere near as good as the Colts. Edgerrin James played for the Colts for seven years, and in five of those seasons James had over 1,000 yards rushing. Out of those five years where James had more than 1,000 yards rushing yards, James had four seasons where he rushed for more than 1,500 yards.

This debate will continue until the end of time and far after both Brady and Manning are in the Hall of Fame. But, as an NFL fan first and a Patriots fan second, Brady is better than Manning because Manning has always had the supporting cast necessary to win, but only managed to win one Super Bowl. Manning is a good QB don't get that twisted, but too many people think he is the best ever and is supporting cast should be getting recognition instead. I mean Manning is already a house hold name, he has been in way too many commercials.