Dallas Mavericks: Mark Cuban Responds as Dallas Fans Try to Cope with Exodus

Dallas Mavericks ExaminerCorrespondent IIIJuly 7, 2012

AH WELL...EASY COME, EASY GO.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On July 6th I ran across the following comment retweeted by Mark Cuban:


@mcuban you are proof of the saying "never let someone influence a decision if they don't have to live with the results"

— KC (@kclilback) July 7, 2012

Many times when we're trying to explain the inexplicable or justify our actions we turn to old sayings to provide simple clarity we can apply to complex situations.  Unfortunately that doesn't mean we're automatically free of logical fallacies.  

Yes, Mark Cuban has to live with the results of his decisions, but if he is indeed the main one, he certainly isn't the only one.  Not to mention I'm not inclined to agree with this one as a blanket rule.   If my mother has something to tell me on her death bed I'm not going to ignore her because she won't be around to experience the results.  Advice is something you have to evaluate on an individual basis...always with a grain of salt and always with an open mind.

Of course when it comes to sayings, a lot of people are parroting the familiar "hindsight is 20/20" right about now.  Well maybe it is for them, but I have to say my only reaction to the idea of letting the championship team unravel for future considerations last summer was: "WHAT??"  

Honestly, I was quite clear about how I felt from the onset.  I've been wrong about a substantial number of things in my life, but in regard to the direction the Mavericks should take, I didn't have much doubt. 

When it came to applying old adages to the approach to free agency after the Mavericks won the NBA Championship and the subsequent post-mortum, I've had a whole repertoire of them and, to me, they're hard to argue.

But that can't be changed now, and there's no alternate universe to visit the world of "what if?"  The interesting part to me is that while some of us sensed doom from the onset and others are now having the aforementioned hindsight, the head honcho is doubling down.  

Cuban offered this pearl of wisdom to Mike Fisher of DallasBasketball.com:  "We don't try to win the summer...we want to win championships.'' 

#Uhokay.  That would seem to me to be a great explanation for NOT letting all your free agents walk after winning the big one.  Is there something I'm missing here?

Cuban went on to tell Fisher: "There are about seven teams that are making all the moves in this market.  We can't change our strategy because other teams are going nuts."

Well, actually, it would be really hard to change your strategy because Phase I was irrevocably completed when four free agents from the championship team signed elsewhere.  Now, two additional difference makers are gone, so it's no wonder many fans feel as if they're in a free fall.  

Of the Mavericks team that made the Finals in 2006, only Dirk and Jason Terry remained on the 2011 squad.   If you take out reserves and guys presumably on their way out, the Mavs will be likely left with only Dirk and Shawn Marion after only two years, and unlike 2006, these guys aren't in their prime.

And don't even get me started on the other young talent that has left Dallas recently only to light it up in another city.  We could have had that Plan B already in place, but that's a whole 'nuther can of worms.

There's nothing more to do now for the observer but hurry up and wait.  Cuban goes on to say "it will be interesting to see what happens.’’ 

Of course "interesting" stories can have happy endings, but they can also be tragic.

I agree with Fisher..."interesting and successful would be even better." 


--Craig Berlin 
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