Undertaker vs Triple H In a Hell In a Cell? Give Me a Hell Yeah

TJ DuncanCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009

It seems that No Way Out surpassed all expectations last night as it provided shocks galore. In fact, even the two Elimination Chambers in one night, which I had criticised in my last article, didn't disappoint.

Well, not as much as I thought they would anyway.

The opening match was the Smackdown! Elimination Chamber. Early on, this provided the first shock of the night: Edge being pinned and eliminated before any of the pods had even opened.

I loved it, and the reactions from Triple H and the Big Show made it even better. Despite Vladimir Kozlov's best efforts, the match carried on impressing me. In fact, the only complaint I had was that no blood was spilt, and the chamber wasn't really used to full effect.

Sure, Jeff Hardy was slammed into the chains a few times, and climbed onto the top of a pod, but there was no spear through the glass, or anything similar which had made the first few chambers so successful.

As the final two squared up, however, I realised that, on this occasion, it didn't need all that. The Undertaker and Triple H, two sure-fire Hall of Famers, went one-on-one in a fantastic finale which saw pedigrees, spinebusters, tombstones, chokeslams and an attempted last ride.

In the end, The Game was victorious, giving him a 13th title reign. Unlucky for some, but not for him.

This turned out to be the highlight of the show as, apart from a few highlights in the No Holds Barred match, and a few more in the Raw Elimination Chamber, the show failed to follow the barnstorming start.

There was a look between Taker and Triple H after their match, however, that made me think The Game will want to defend his title at WrestleMania against The Deadman.

Now, my perfect build-up to WrestleMania has already been documented (here and here), but those were written before the Royal Rumble. Given recent events, there is an obvious route the WWE could take.

WWE Champion Triple H vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXV, for the title, inside a Hell in a Cell. It just doesn't get bigger. Two men who helped make the Hell in a Cell match what it is, and two living legends of the industry going head to head.

It would be the title vs the undefeated streak, as if any more fuel needed to be added to this already blazing fire.

Unfortunately, however, it doesn't seem the WWE will do this.

Edge's surprise appearance in the Raw chamber threw a spanner into the works. His very presence, yet alone the fact that he won the title, would suggest that he would be moving to Raw.

But why would he do that? He has the General Manager of Smackdown! wrapped round his little finger.

Instead, I think the WWE will throw a curveball and move Triple H to Raw.

Everyone knows about the connections between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. With Vince and Shane both laid out, there is no-one left to protect her from Randy Orton. Cue The Game.

He returns to Raw and faces Orton at WrestleMania for the title. He may even have the McMahons in his corner, an almost mirror image of a certain Backlash a few years ago when Stone Cold Steve Austin made his triumphant return.

Now, personally, I would rather see the first of these two scenarios, but the latter could work if they do it right.

Knowing the amount of surprises Vince has supplied recently, however, I wouldn't bet against something completely different happening.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...