My Perfect Build Up to Wrestlemania 25! The WWE and ECW Titles!

TJ DuncanCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

The second of my Perfect Build Up to Wrestlemania pieces is here! In the last issue, I discussed what I would see as the ideal storyline leading up to Wrestlemania regarding the World Heavyweight title and a bonus match.

In this issue I will look at the other two world titles in the WWE: The WWE title and the ECW title.


ECW Title and WWE Title

Jack Swagger faces the ECW champion Matt Hardy for the title next week, but I don't think he will win it. Instead, as Matt Hardy is ready to hit the Twist of Fate, the lights go out.

When they come back on, there is a big cross on the Titantron, and Edge is waiting in the ring. As Hardy turns round, Edge hits him with a spear, causing the disqualification. This way, Swagger gets to maintain his run of not being pinned or submitting, and Hardy keeps the title.

That week on Smackdown!, as Jeff Hardy is calling Edge out for spearing Matt on ECW, the lights go out again, and, once again, a cross appears on the big screen. As the lights come back on, Edge is once again behind his man, and nails Hardy with a spear when he turns round.

As he continues the beat-down, and is about to hit the con-chair-to, Matt Hardy comes rushing out and Edge scampers from the ring. As he is backtracking up the ramp, Edge looks up at the screen, smiles, and is heard saying "he's coming."

The next week on ECW, a number one contender's match is held between Jack Swagger and Mark Henry, with Swagger pulling off an impressive win. This means he will face Matt Hardy for the title at the Royal Rumble.

As the Rumble rolls closer, Edge is seen backstage a few times talking about how "he" is coming back and it will be just like old times, without ever using "his" name. The commentators speculate about who it could possibly be.

To increase the anticipation, Vickie Guerrero announces that the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble will be a special guest referee match, but she doesn't reveal the identity of the ref.

At the Royal Rumble, the Hardys are seen discussing their matches, and the possibility of another interruption. As Matt Hardy's match is first, he says that he doesn't think he needs to worry about Edge interfering, as he will be too caught up with Jeff, and it should be he who is worried.

As predicted, Hardy's match goes ahead without any major incident, until after he was won. While he is celebrating, the music of the Big Show hits and he strolls down to the ring and starts attacking Matt Hardy.

Jeff, inevitably, runs down to save him, and hits the Whisper in the Wind on The Big Show. Then, as the tide is turning, Vickie Guerrero rolls out onto the stage, drawing everyone's attention.

She simply cackles and says "all you need, Jeff, is a bit of TLC", then cackles again. As Jeff turns around, Edge is there after coming through the crowd and hits him with a chair. He and Big Show continue to pummel Jeff until Matt Hardy strikes them with another chair.

As the tides begin to turn, Jeff and Matt go underneath the ring, one getting a ladder, the other getting a table. As they set them up, however, the lights go out again, followed again by a cross on the big screen.

Christian Cage's music sounds, and, to the surprise of everyone in the arena, Christian steps out on the stage, a chair in his hand.

He sprints down into the ring and lays out both Hardys with the chair. He then grabs a microphone, announces that "the greatest tag team in history are back together," before Vickie Guerrero adds that "Christian will be the special guest referee in the WWE Championship match and, oh yeah, that starts right now!"

The Big Show removes Matt Hardy from the equation, and Christian picks Jeff up and props him against a table leant up against the turnbuckle. The Ultimate Opportunist Edge hits the spear through the table and gets the three count.

Christian and Edge celebrate to deafening boos and jeers, heightening their heel value to an even greater level.

On Smackdown! the next week, the show kicks off with Vickie, Edge, Christian and the Big Show in the ring together, announcing that they are the new dominant force in the WWE.

Not only do they have the General Manager and the largest athlete in the world, but also the self-proclaimed greatest tag team ever and the WWE Champion.

As they are going on, Jeff Hardy comes out and gets in the face of Edge, before Big Show steps between them. Jeff explains how he was cheated out of the title, but how he will win it back the fair way, through his rematch clause, and he wants it tonight!

Vickie quickly squashes this suggestion, saying that Jeff is already in action tonight, against The Big Show, and his brother Matt is in action against Vladimir Kozlov.

Thanks for interferences in both matches, the Hardys lose. After Matt Hardy's loss, Vickie is seen on the phone saying, "He just lost Teddy, it looks like our deal is on."

The next week Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder go into Vickie's office, asking if they can be in this new faction. Vickie refuses, saying they only failed her last time, and that they will be in action tonight, against Edge and Christian!

E & C make a successful return, but Matt and Jeff sprint down to the ring after the match. Edge and Christian leave the ring before any harm can befall them, and as they are back-pedaling up the ramp, Vickie Guerrero rolls out, and says "I'm glad you're out here Matt, because I want to introduce you the No. 1 contender for your ECW title: Christian!

The broadcast ends with those three looking smug again.

At No Way Out, Matt Hardy takes on, and manages to beat Christian, with a little distraction from Jeff. But Christian returns the favour later in the night, distracting Jeff for long enough to let Edge get the roll-up.

Next week on Smackdown!, Vickie, Edge, Christian and the Big Show start the show again, claiming their dominance. They complain that Jeff Hardy cheated by distracting Christian, therefore Christian will fight Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship at Wrestlemania.

She also announces that there will be a triple threat match to decide the number one contender for the WWE title, between Kozlov, Big Show, and Jeff Hardy.

In that match, the Big Show chokeslams Kozlov, before Hardy knocks Big Show out of the ring, and hits the Swanton Bomb on Kozlov, getting the three count.

The next week, Edge starts the show saying that Jeff Hardy doesn't deserve a title match because he is a screw-up, but if he wants one, Edge will make it a match impossible for him to win: a TLC match!

Then, unexpectedly, Teddy Long's music hits. He comes down to the ring and says that Vickie owed him a favour for making Christian the No. 1 contender, and that he was going to cash it in now, and add to the TLC announcement.

He says that the Matt Hardy v. Christian match will be joined with the Edge v. Jeff Hardy match, to make a TLC Tornado Tag Team match between the Hardys and E&C! Whichever team grabs both the titles from above the ring, gets them.

In the following weeks, clips of their epic TLC matches in the past are shown, and they all send messages to each other by using either a Table, Ladder or Chair to destroy an opponent with, or to intimidate the opposition.

At Wrestlemania, they put on a magnificent show, as expected. This consists of Swanton Bombs off ladders through four tables, Twist of Fates of ladders and maybe even another spear off a ladder while Jeff is hanging from the title belt!

At the end though, Edge and Christian climb the ladders and emerge victorious in one of the most memorable Wrestlemania matches ever.

After Wrestlemania, the faction goes from strength to strength, as they now have two world champions. The Big Show starts to get jealous, and turns on the group, making him face and a title contender in the process.

There you have my perfect build up for the WWE Title and the ECW Title, and I suppose I better say this here as well, I know none of this will ever happen! It is what I wish would happen!


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