TNA Impact! Wrestling: Destination X Hype, Hardy and Storm Steal the Show

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IIJuly 6, 2012

Credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling. Austin Aries pictured holding the X Division title
Credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling. Austin Aries pictured holding the X Division title

The July 5th edition of TNA Impact! Wrestling, live from Orlando, Florida, opens with a video package recapping last week. 

Bully Ray opens the show and makes his way to the ring. Ray says he has a major announcement, which is that he is going live on Twitter. Ray begins to discuss Joseph Park and calls him out. Park heads out to the ring to confront Ray.

Ray tells Park that he accepts his proposal for a match. Park offers Ray some legal advice but Ray is not amused. Park talks how everyone is sick of Bully Ray, then he challenges Ray to a no disqualification match next week on Impact! Ray shows a restraining order against Abyss, so he can not interfere, then lays out Park.

(My quick take: In my view, Ray is simply one, if not, the best heel in professional wrestling. When he takes the microphone, he just blows past everyone else. Personally, I was not expecting Ray getting a restraining order on Abyss. Something tells me that next week there will be another twist to it.)

TNA President Dixie Carter is asked questions while sitting on the stands at the Impact! Zone about last week.


Crimson versus Devon for TNA TV Title

Your winner and still champion, Devon. After the match, Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring and begins kissing referee Earl Hebner. Hebner is shocked and gives a smile to Rayne after. 

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Chris Sabin, on crutches, goes to the ring to discuss his TNA future. Sabin spoke about how becoming a professional wrestler was his dream and discusses his recent strings of injuries, but before he can finish, TNA World Champion Bobby Roode interrupts.

Roode begins to complain about Sabin. He criticizes the X Division roster and talks about his upcoming match with Austin Aries. Roode kicks one of Sabin's crutches and attacks his knee. Aries comes running up the ramp to make the save.


Dakota Darsow versus Flip Cassanova for X Division Qualifier

Your winner, Flip Cassanova.

(Quick take: Cassanova looked very good with some impressive, high flying moves. Meanwhile, Darsow seemed to struggle in this match and hardly got any momentum.)

Match Rating: 3/5

A recap video package of Taeler Hendrix's Gut Check.


Madison Rayne and Gail Kim versus Tara and Miss Tessmacher

Your winners, Tara and Tessmacher. 

Match Rating: 3/5

AJ Styles comes to the ring to address what Christopher Daniels said on last week's episode. While asking himself questions, Daniels and Kazarian come out to the entrance way. Kazarian says he tried to knock some knowledge into Styles' brain. Daniels claims he has proof of Styles being the father of Claire's baby. Styles creates a Last Man Standing match at Destination X against Daniels.

Hulk Hogan, in his red and yellow gear, is given a letter from a stranger. The man says they are not afraid and are coming. Hogan reads the letter and is in shock about what could happen next week on Impact!

(Quick take: Next week should heat up on who attacked Sting not long ago.)

Kenny King versus Lars Only for X Division Qualifier

Your winner, Kenny King.

(Quick take: Kenny King looked very good in this match. Lars Only also had a nice match. I felt this one was better than the first X Division qualifier on Impact! because Only, unlike Darsow, was able to get in more than just a few moves. TNA has had some nice X Division qualifier matches in recent Impacts.)

Match Rating: 3.5/5

An Austin Aries video package airs on his thoughts on winning the TNA championship title. Backstage, Aries meets with King and gives him a vote of confidence. 


James Storm versus Jeff Hardy in a Bound For Glory Series Match

Your winner, Jeff Hardy.

(Quick take: A very solid, clean-finishing, main-event match. Lots of good in- and outside-ring work and the crowd was alive for this match. A big win for Hardy, as this gets him back in the Bound For Glory Series picture,)

Match Rating: 4/5

Impact! Wrestling announcers Mike Tenay and Tazz go through the X Division pay-per-view lineup card.

Tenay and Tazz reveal that TNA Bound For Glory will be in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring to a very large ovation in the Impact! Zone. Hogan calls out Aries but Roode makes a surprise entrance to the ring. Roode tells Hogan to be quiet and mocks him. Roode calls himself a real champion to TNA and continues his rant on Hogan. 

Aries comes out to the ring. He offers Roode two options; to run and hide and hand over his title later or to hand over his title and wait until Sunday. Aries then creates a third option to battle right now. Roode attempts to take out Aries but Austin hits him with the X Division title to close out Impact! Wrestling.

Overall Impact! Wrestling Rating: 3/5

My Final Take:

At the end of the show, I would have to side with this being another quality edition of Impact! Wrestling. There may have been more talking in the ring, backstage, and video packages, but TNA also did a nice job by not throwing too much on television to promote Destination X. 

The one thing I noticed TNA did right was let the viewers know the lineup card for next week's Impact! in advance. It also did a good job pacing the hype for Destination X and ended the show with an Aries and Roode promo. 

From a wrestling stand point, I was not amazed by either the TV title match or the first X Division qualifier. The final three matches, which included a tag team Knockouts feature, the second X Division qualifier and the main event between James Storm and Jeff Hardy were just fine. The Hardy and Storm match was a solid, clean finish. As a matter of fact, TNA has really stepped away from interferences.

Overall, I would say this Impact! was a good episode.