UCLA Bruins Men's Basketball Freshmen Moved in and Adjusting to Life on Campus

Max RogersCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2012


UCLA men’s basketball freshmen Shabazz Muhammad, Tony Parker, Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams are now on campus and starting classes. However, before these players begin what is anticipated to be a comeback season for the Bruins, they have to get settled into their dorm rooms and adjust to college life.

How has the move and adjustment been going so far for these Pac-12 men's basketball freshmen? To answer that question UclaBruins.com’s Ralph Irvin recently caught up with these four UCLA players and got an update on how things are going with adjusting to life in the Los Angeles Westwood neighborhood.

Muhammad and Anderson are roommates this year, as are Parker and Adams. For any fans worried about all this potential star power not being on the same page, Parker revealed that he and Adams unknowingly bought the same bedding set. Move over David and Travis Wear, as there is a new set of basketball twins on campus.    

The Bruins men’s basketball team will be traveling to China in August for a tour of the country and to represent the Pac-12 as the conference extends its presence internationally. The 2012-13 season will officially begin when the Bruins host Indiana State at Pauley Pavilion on November 9, 2012, and Pac-12 conference games begin in January 2013. To see the full 2012-13 UCLA men’s basketball schedule click here

However, those events are still a while away, and for Muhammad, Parker, Anderson and Adams, just getting adjusted to life at UCLA is part of their current focus. Below is what these players each had to say about their first few days on the UCLA campus. 


Shabazz Muhammad

It’s a big change from high school. Just ready for the college season tip-off. Getting my feet wet right now in the summer so it’s going to be a great season...Coming from home and living with your parents, and now you’re on your own. It’s a big change, but I like it, it’s something you have to do in life, so I’m just dealing with it, and I’m feeling pretty comfortable with it. 


Tony Parker

College is great, it’s fun. I like it a lot. The dorms are cool. UCLA is a great college to start off in. It’s my freshman year, I have been very lost these couple days with these long walks. I’m from Atlanta we never walk so, but I mean it’s very cool, you get to meet new people, meet new ethnicities, and different races and see different cultures. 

My roommate is Jordan Adams, he’s pretty cool. You know we come in, my mom is pulling out my sheets and we're getting my bed together, and Jordan said, “Man we got the same exact bedspread.” Says, “You got to be kidding we got the same sheets and everything.” So everybody comes in our room and laughs at us, “What are you trying to be twins.”  So you know that was kind of funny, and me and Jordan just laugh it off.  So my roommate is cool, I’m having a great time moving in the dorms, getting used to college life.  

Kyle Anderson

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time in my life, and I’m finally excited to be a college student at UCLA...Shabazz is my roommate. I was very excited to be with Shabazz. We got my teammates, other incoming freshmen, Joran and Tony, downstairs. So moving in was fun, it’s a lot of work, but I’m happy it’s all done. Ready to get to work.


Jordan Adams

It’s amazing, it all happened fast. I graduated a couple weeks ago and now I’m starting classes at UCLA...It’s fun cause we’ve (Parker and Adams) known each other for a while, and so now we get to bond closer and become more as brothers.