WWE News: AJ's Success Could Be the Death of the Other Divas

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJuly 5, 2012

Every day AJ's stock goes up, many of the other Divas become like VCRs in a DVD age. There isn't much relevant need for them anymore.

AJ has made everyone forget Kelly Kelly has gone on hiatus from WWE. People have forgotten The Bella Twins have left the company. Maryse and Melina both gone in the last 12 months. Beth Phoenix and current champion Layla are afterthoughts to the general audience.

WWE Diva Maxine recently quit the company. As its being reported, more Divas are contemplating the same future. They all see the writing on the wall.

WWE is in the middle of a generational shift that features a large amount of male talent. This means less time for female wrestling. AJ has figured out she has more value being an actress first and a wrestler whenever she needs a match for storyline purposes.

WWE has some talented female wrestlers. TNA has some talented female wrestlers. The independent scene has some talented female wrestlers. The problem is female wrestling matches, at least on the top level of WWE, don't contribute a significant piece of the financial pie.

The girls like Kelly Kelly or The Bella Twins can be great PR. They can do good interviews with the media or make mainstream special guest appearances on shows.

A feud between divas just doesn't draw in today's WWE model and how they format television.

A believable girl who can act, inserted into the appropriate situation, is where the money is at. AJ looks and plays the part. Young, immature, desperate for attention and unstable.

Stephanie McMahon wasn't a wrestler, she was playing the part of running the company along with her husband and defying her father. She wrestled a few times when needed in the storyline. She was an actress and was the center of top storylines for many years.

Currently, Eve fits the part as the manipulating, hot, power-hungry gold digger. Her story got cut short with momentum via bad booking during the Ryder/Kane feud and then Laurinaitis being “fired.”

AJ's role and aid to what has evolved in my opinion to be the best storyline in WWE is partially by accident. But hey, some of the best things always are. AJ was the girlfriend who Daniel Bryan didn't appreciate. The breakup happened and at the same time Daniel “YES” Bryan was taking off with the audience as a heel or face, depending on the city.

As Bryan became more relevant, AJ got to come along for the ride. It was because Daniel Bryan was getting used more, AJ got to prove herself to be a good actress who understood her character. AJ realized it, Bryan realized it, CM Punk realized it and every big decision maker in WWE realized it. They were off and running.

It looks good on paper, but we know WWE didn't have this elaborate and effective of a plan back at WrestleMania when Bryan lost in 18 seconds after kissing AJ. Normally, WWE creative gets grilled for rushing stories, or not finishing them.

This time, they didn't rush because they didn't realize until halfway in the story what they had. WWE seems to be committed to getting to a payoff because it's about the only payoff they have in the near future.

What else is there? Brock Lesnar isn't going to fight Triple H until SummerSlam. A new legend comes back each week to do a finisher on Heath Slater. Money in the Bank is someone having a briefcase who can carry it around for up to a year.

AJ, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have been the most consistent form of entertainment.

The booking has kept me wondering what will happen next, then when you see what happens next, you realize it was a simple decision.

Going in to this past week's Raw, what was next for AJ to do? She is named special referee for the WWE Championship match in a few weeks between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. She wants attention.

In a crazy movie where the girl wants attention from the guys who don't have genuine interest in her, she does something wild to make those good-hearted guys react.

So AJ did just that in the context of wrestling—she threatened to send herself through a table. Both Bryan and Punk react and she sends them both into the table.

The next night on Smackdown, both men who once were screaming at her to go away, now have a different tune. The more deviant one, Bryan, is sucking up to her because of the power she will have as a referee.

The honest one in CM Punk wants AJ to listen to his advice of needing help because she is mentally sick. So naturally she lays a huge kiss on both.

It's all so simple when you write it out, but you can't tell me when both Raw and Smackdown started you knew all of that was going to happen. There is suspense, but everything is kept simple and logical. Less room for error.

After all the great soap opera drama, if needed, she can perform in the ring. AJ is one of the better female wrestlers. You wouldn't know cause she hasn't had many matches to show it. While her ability to tell a physical story in a 10-minute bell-to-bell match probably isn't going to be shown off on any regular basis, perhaps the most important thing is she is savvy enough when it comes to the psychology of everything.

Younger or inexperienced wrestlers usually don't have a full understanding of match psychology. Most fans don't either. It's knowing what the situation of the characters in the match are in terms of booking, what needs to be accomplished in this match and what would be logical to fit in those perimeters.

There is learning involved to know when and if a move is appropriate at the certain time of a match, if at all. AJ seems to have a good understanding of this.

As I said, she may not get to use it often in a one-on-one match with a female opponent. AJ's understanding of match psychology helps her fit right in to do whatever she needs to do when match time comes with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kane, Sheamus and anyone else.

Where the story has gone to this point, there are only two options. Both options to me make the WWE Championship match a must to end the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View.

The first option: AJ sides with Daniel Bryan and helps him win/steal his first WWE Championship from CM Punk.

The second option is what I proposed in late May, which is a surprise mystery man comes in and is the one who is able to give AJ the attention she wants.

I suggested introducing an new character like Dean Ambrose. He has the crazy factor like AJ and it would be a wise way to introduce him to the television audience. Right now there are so many characters who have debuted in the last few months: Tensai, Ryback and Sandow, all new guys who have had the typical entrance of squash matches.

All who remain a mystery by not saying anything new, if anything at all.

If Ambrose is a huge curve ball thrown into this top angle with two top guys in the eyes of the audience, he can bypass all of those weeks of trying to get the audience familiar with him. All of the weeks of trying to get the audience to care about him. If he's the guy with AJ, Ambrose already has everybody's attention.

AJ is in the fast lane to being a top talent in this WWE era while basically all of the other divas are drifting off to the shoulder.

Is some of it because AJ has more talent in-ring than many of the other Divas? Yes.

Is some of it because AJ is a better actress who has a character and story that is a must-see? Yes.

Is some of it being in the right place at the right time in terms of booking? Yes.

Is AJ making every other WWE Diva's current status and need irrelevant?



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