WWE Money in the Bank: Why Rey Mysterio Should Return in the WWE Tile Shot Match

Robert AitkenAnalyst IJuly 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of tribalwrestling.com
Photo courtesy of tribalwrestling.com

In eight days at Money in the Bank, the WWE Championship's Money in the Bank ladder match will only be featuring former WWE Champions. As of right now, there are only four former WWE Champions in the match. This would ultimately make for the smallest Money in the Bank field in the history of the match type.

A way to improve this would be to add more former WWE Champions into the field. Without muddying the waters with legends like Mick Foley or The Rock, there are current stars that have won the title and could be a part of this match. Rey Mysterio is one of those superstars.

Mysterio was never WWE Champion until the results of Money in the Bank from last year. After CM Punk won the WWE Championship and left the company with the title, WWE held a tournament to crown a new champion. The finals of the tournament saw Mysterio face The Miz in a great match. It ultimately saw Mysterio defeat The Awesome One to become world champion once again, as well as becoming WWE Champion for the first time in his career.

Later on that night, Mysterio would defend his championship against John Cena, the former champion. Mysterio would lose the title and see Punk return, making for two WWE Champions and neither being named Rey Mysterio. Mysterio would wait many weeks for his rematch clause, having to wait for the night after SummerSlam, when the champion was rival Alberto Del Rio.

Shortly after, Mysterio suffered an injury at a house show and remained on the shelf for the rest of 2011. He appeared at the Slammy Awards to announce the Superstar of the Year and was slated for a return roughly in the area of WrestleMania. Mysterio wasn't ready in time, but he seemed on track for a return prior to the beginning of summer. In late April, just weeks before an anticipated return, Mysterio suffered his second Wellness Policy violation, which brought a 60-day suspension his way.

That suspension expired back on June 25. There have now been two episodes of RAW since that suspension was lifted, yet we have not seen Mysterio back. It was reported just a few days ago that Mysterio will be one of the returns to the company during the three-hour celebration for the 1,000th RAW episode on July 23rd.

Assuming that the rumors are true, that is a missed opportunity by WWE.

Mysterio is ready to go physically and no longer has any suspensions left to serve. Mysterio returning at Money in the Bank would expand the field a bit more and add another superstar that fans will want to see win. Presently, it is Big Show, Kane, Chris Jericho and John Cena that have a chance at the briefcase. In ranking those four in terms of popularity, Cena wins by a landslide.

Among those four, Cena is also the only superstar under the age of 40. Mysterio is 37 and a shell of what his former high-flying self once was, but he at least brings a sense of youth to this group. After all, Jerry Lawler still uses the term of "kid" in referencing Mysterio. That may be a shot at his height, which is only billed at 5'6" and could actually be less than that.

Mysterio would also embody what a Mr. Money in the Bank is supposed to be. Throughout his championship reigns, Mysterio has been called "The Ultimate Underdog."

Is there anything about winning a briefcase and becoming a surprising world champion that doesn't scream underdog?

It's unlikely that Mysterio would win the match, even if he does make it into the match. Giving a championship to an injury-prone superstar with two strikes against him is risky, to say the least. Keep this in mind if you are a fan of Evan Bourne or Randy Orton.

So as we step closer to Money in the Bank, why not make it more than simply four guys who can have a chance at the WWE Championship? Rey Mysterio, bad legs and all, is more than ready to try and climb a ladder and try to get a WWE Championship match once again.

Just be careful about his knees...and his ligaments. Just avoid his legs entirely if at all possible.