St Louis Cardinals Trade Rumors: Latest Updates and Reaction

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2012

St Louis Cardinals Trade Rumors: Latest Updates and Reaction

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    In the days leading up to the July 31st MLB trade deadline there will be a number of St. Louis Cardinals trade rumors that come up.

    With rumors coming in fast and furious, it is hard to keep track of all of them. B/R is going to help you out with all of this. Bookmark this link as it will be used to report on all of the key Cardinals trade rumors that pop up through a number of different sources over the next few weeks.

    Not only will all of the Cardinals rumors be easy to find, but insight will also be provided about what impact each potential deal could have on the Cardinals moving forward. Are any of the moves being talked about ones that could help the Cardinals reach the World Series for the second straight year?

    The only way to find out is to keep coming back and checking out all of the Cardinals trade rumors.

Would the Cardinals Trade Allen Craig?

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    Updated: July 29

    The Seattle Mariners are well aware of the fact that they are not going to be a competitive team this season so it makes sense that they are looking towards the future. They want players that could help them in 2013 and beyond.

    According to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports, they have identified Allen Craig as one of those players. Craig is under team control through the 2013 season.


    Craig has put up outstanding numbers in limited playing time this season and the Cardinals try to make sure that he is in their lineup as often as possible.

    It would make little sense for the Cardinals to trade Craig at this point considering the fact that he has been a big contributor for them. Seattle would need to offer them a solid package to pry Craig away from the Cardinals.

Will Shelby Miller Find His Way out of Town?

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    Updated: July 29

    To bring in a top-flight talent, the St. Louis Cardinals would need to trade one of their best minor league prospects. According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Cardinals would be open to dealing pitching prospect Shelby Miller.

    The Cardinals would only deal him if they were going to get an impact player, but Strauss does not believe that the Cardinals are really pushing hard to make any deal.


    Even with his struggles in the minor leagues this season, Miller remains one of the best pitching prospects in the game.

    St. Louis should consider holding on to him because he should be able to contribute in the majors next year.

Could Rays’ James Shields End Up a Cardinal?

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    Updated: July 28

    Cardinals GM John Mozeliak told he feels like the recent performance of his rotation “takes a little pressure off, in terms of feeling like we have to do something.”

    Jaime Garcia appears on the road to a return, and the rest of the staff has picked up the slack since news that ace Chris Carpenter is done for the year following nerve-related surgery.

    That said, the Cardinals are already six games back of the Reds in the NL Central—leaving them facing reality that they need more to get a chance to defend their title come October.

    Top pitching prospect Shelby Miller is apparently very much available these days, and though Mozeliak may not feel pressure to force a move, James Shields is the man Miller should be dealt for.

    Jon Heyman and many others have cited St. Louis’ interest in the Rays righty, and he would fit perfectly into the rotation—carrying with him a ‘big game’ label and plenty of October experience.

    Shields has had a rough season in the uber-offensive AL East, but a change of scenery to a division even A.J. Burnett is 12-3 in would be a very welcomed fresh start.

    He still has one of the better changeups in the game, and facing lighter-hitting lineups week to week will return the confidence that made him one of baseball’s best pitchers just one year ago.

Would the Cubs Trade Ryan Dempster to St. Louis?

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    Updated: July 22

    With under two weeks until the trade deadline, the St. Louis Cardinals are going to be aggressively pursuing a number of targets. One of those players may be Ryan Dempster.

    According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Cardinals are currently one of the favorites for the Chicago Cubs starter.


    Dempster is having the best season of his career and his 2.11 ERA leads the National League. However, Dempster has been getting a bit lucky this year based on his 3.74 xFIP (h/t Fangraphs).

    As good as Dempster has been this year, the Cardinals should look to some of the other options on the trade market before they try to make a deal for Dempster. He will likely be more expensive than he should be because of his good year.

Is Jason Vargas a Solution for the Cards?

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    Updated: July 16

    Jason Vargas has put up decent numbers for the Seattle Mariners this season and he has been identified as a possible trade candidate by Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe.

    He is signed through 2014 which is certainly a plus for any team that tries to trade for Vargas. It figures that he will fit into the middle of a team's starting rotation.


    If the St. Louis Cardinals do not choose to go after one of the elite starting pitchers on the market, then they could try to go after a pitcher like Vargas.

    St. Louis needs to make sure that they do not overpay for Vargas if a bidding war emerges. They should step to the side and go after another player at that point.

Is Huston Street a Cardinals Trade Target?

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    Updated: July 10

    Relief help will almost certainly be coming to the St. Louis Cardinals in one form or another before the trade deadline this year. They are going to need to improve their bullpen if they are going to have a shot at going far in the playoffs.

    Huston Street will be one of the best relievers on the market this summer and Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has noted that San Diego Padres have had scouts watching both the Cardinals and their minor league affiliates.


    The Cardinals need to add at least one reliever this summer and going after someone like Street would be a smart move. He has been lights out for the Padres this year.

    Street has a $9 million mutual option for the 2013 season so the Cardinals can feel a little more comfortable dealing away prospects knowing that they have a chance to keep Street for longer than just the rest of the 2013 season.

Could the Cardinals Acquire Brian Fuentes?

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    Updated: July 8

    A few years ago Brian Fuentes was an All-Star closer for the Los Angeles Angels, but he has fallen a long way since then. Prior to being designated for assignment by the Oakland Athletics this season, Fuentes had a 6.84 ERA and a 1.60 WHIP in 26 appearances (h/t Jane Lee of

    The St. Louis Cardinals have recently been linked to Fuentes by Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. He would be a potential bullpen option for the Cardinals.


    There is no way that Fuentes is going to be expensive on the trade market this season. He has been miserable this year and he still has around $2.5 million left on his contract this year.

    The Cardinals would be making a move that could have a big reward if Fuentes can regain his form. However, his remaining salary makes him undesirable. The only way that the move makes sense for the Cards is if they can get the Athletics to pay part of his contract and if they only have to give up a middling minor league prospect.

Are the Cardinals Interested in Matt Garza?

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    Updated: July 6

    With the way that the Chicago Cubs have performed this season, it is no surprise that they are going to be sellers at the trade deadline this year. They have a number of players that will interest teams around the league including Matt Garza.

    According to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports, the St. Louis Cardinals had a scout at Garza's last start.


    It is possible that the Cardinals were simply doing some advanced scouting since they play the Cubs a week after the All-Star Break, but they could have been taking a more in depth look at Garza.

    Garza would be incredibly expensive for the Cardinals since they is in the same division as the Cubs. St. Louis should certainly check in, but Garza will not be worth what he will cost the Cards.

Maybe Greinke to the Cardinals Isn't That Likely

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    Updated: July 5

    There have already been some rumors linking Zack Greinke to the St. Louis Cardinals this summer, but there are some people that believe a deal is incredibly unlikely.

    Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch believes the Cardinals landing Greinke would be "a bigger upset than Towson St. beating 'Bama in college football."


    For those that don't follow college football, Strauss is implying that there is no chance that Greinke goes to the Cardinals.

    There is certainly a lot of time left where this could change, but the Cardinals will have to begin to explore other options if Greinke will be off the table.

What Would Cole Hamels Cost?

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    Updated: July 5

    Cole Hamels could be the top pitcher available on the trade market this summer and if the Philadelphia Phillies decide to trade him, then he certainly will not come cheap. There is now some information about what Hamels may cost the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Doug Mittler of ESPN (Insider required) has speculated that the Phillies will likely ask for "top pitching prospects such as Shelby Miller and/or Carlos Martinez in return".


    While it appears that the price for Hamels may be steep, he could be worth it. If the Cardinals only need to give up one of Miller and Martinez in addition to another prospect, then the deal would be worthwhile.

    It would certainly hurt to see Miller or Martinez dealt, but Hamels is a bona fide ace and pitchers of his talent level are not available often. Adding Hamels would make the Cardinals the favorites in the National League Central.

Would Brett Myers Fit in St. Louis?

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    Updated: July 5

    Relievers will be a hot commodity as the MLB trade deadline nears and there will be a number of teams that are looking to improve their bullpen. Brett Myers has the potential to step in as a great setup man or closer in any team's bullpen.

    Jim Bowden of ESPN (Insider required) believes that Myers could be a good fit for the St. Louis Cardinals.


    There is no denying that the St. Louis Cardinals need relief help. They would have at least two or three more wins this season if their bullpen performed better.

    Relief pitchers have not been cheap over the past few years. Mike Adams cost the Texas Rangers Robbie Erlin and Joe Wieland last season. Myers should be cheaper since he has a $10 million vesting option next year that comes with a $3 million buyout. However, he will still likely cost at least one top 10 prospect.

Could Zack Greinke Become a Member of the Cardinals?

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    UPDATE: July 4

    There will certainly be a number of trade rumors surrounding Zack Greinke in the days leading up to the MLB trade deadline. He has already been linked to the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has written that Greinke would likely be willing to go to the Cardinals and might want to sign with them for the long term.


    St. Louis may have to pay a bit of a premium to get Greinke from the division rival Milwaukee Brewers, but he is the type of pitcher that could make a big difference for the Cardinals this year.

    Greinke would give the Cardinals a legitimate top-of-the-rotation starter that can replace the production that the Cardinals were hoping to get from Chris Carpenter this year. Acquiring Greinke would likely make the Cardinals the NL Central favorites.

What Impact Does Chris Carpenter's Surgery Have?

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    The St. Louis Cardinals were hoping that they would get Chris Carpenter back, but that will not be the case this year. He will be undergoing season-ending surgery.

    Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch spoke with Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak about Carpenter and the GM mentioned that Carpenter's timetable would shape the moves that his Cardinals were looking to make this summer.

    Since Carpenter will not be pitching this year, the Cardinals will need to look to bring in a player from outside of the organization to improve their starting rotation.


    With the National League Central shaping up the way it is, the Cardinals will need another reliable starter if they are going to win the division.

    Adam Wainwright has not looked like the same pitcher that he was before Tommy John surgery and it is unknown what the Cardinals can expect when Jamie Garcia is able to return. The Cards may not need to go after an ace though, as someone that can pitch well in the middle of their rotation should be enough.

Is Relief Coming to St. Louis?

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    The St. Louis Cardinals bullpen has been amongst the worst in the major leagues thus far in 2012. They have already called upon 13 different players to come out of their bullpen and Mitch Boggs and Jason Motte are the only ones that have been able to have sustained success.

    Improving the bullpen has been the talk of the town in St. Louis.

    Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has stated that the Cardinals will be looking for relief pitchers in the days leading up to the MLB trade deadline this year.

    That same sentiment has been echoed by Strauss' St. Louis Post-Dispatch colleague Bernie Miklasz


    This strategy worked for the Cardinals last summer when they acquired Octavio Dotel and Marc Rzepczynski in return for Colby Rasmus. The Cardinals were able to hold onto the leads that they took late into games after this deal and it made a world of difference.

    Relievers will be very popular on the trade market this summer. Since it looks like there will be fewer sellers as a result of the second Wild Card, relief pitchers will not come cheap.

    Even with the higher price tag, trading for a reliever is a move worth making for the Cardinals.