Deja Vu: Are We About to See Keshawn Martin and BJ Cunningham 2.0?

Matt Sheehan@@MattSheehan333Analyst IJuly 3, 2012

From top left clockwise: Monty Madaris, Keshawn Martin, Aaron Burbridge, BJ Cunningham
From top left clockwise: Monty Madaris, Keshawn Martin, Aaron Burbridge, BJ Cunningham

Just like that, they're gone.

Former Michigan State standout wide receivers Keshawn Martin and BJ Cunningham are figures of the past, but it will be long before we forget about their greatness.

Without the two of them the trophy case in East Lansing might be missing some hardware, but now they will focus on winning the mother of all football trophies: The Vince Lombardi Trophy.

So both players have left their mark in MSU history, both players are in the NFL and both players will never be seen on the gridiron in Spartan Stadium ever again.


Actually, you might be surprised, because the new crop coming into Michigan State will have you experiencing deja vu. The two incoming freshman will make you feel like you're watching Cunningham and Martin do their usual Saturday business, but this time their names will be Monty Madaris and Aaron Burbridge.

Depending on the source, Madaris and Burbridge are either four or five-star receivers, and that just means they are either great, or just simply outstanding. But being good at playing football and playing receiver for Michigan State aren't the only traits they share with the Spartan football alums, it goes much more deeper.

To be more specific Burbridge will possibly be a brighter mold of what Cunningham was in the last four years. Both of them are 6'1", both of them have defensive coordinators breaking clip boards, and Burbridge might be the guy to break Cunningham's receptions and yards record.

Burbridge, hailing from Farmington Hills Harrison High School, is the No. 1 receiver coming out of Michigan and will instantly become a threat in the Spartans offense. Burbridge's strengths are his hands, route running and his separation ability, all strengths that Cunningham used to help Sparty win 37 games over four years. Both players were not known for their blazing fast speed or their height, but they know how to get open, and going up to snag a jump ball is nearly second nature to them.

Now onto the second half of the duo, Monty Madaris and Keshawn Martin. The only two glaring differences between the two are their height (Madaris is 6'2", Martin is 5'11") and Martin is known more for his speed than Madaris is.

Even though Madaris has been knocked for his speed, he has a surplus of praise for his quickness and agility, just like Martin. Both receivers use their quickness to break open on their routes, and to gain the extra yards after a catch. If it wasn't for their quickness both players would be average, but since they do have the explosive ability to gain extra yards they get much more attention from the defense.

The two incoming freshman, however, won't have it as easy as Cunningham and Martin when it comes to guaranteed playing time. If anything this is a good sign for Spartan fans, because the reason they will have to fight for playing time is because of the arsenal of talent at the receiver position. The other two receivers that will be in the spotlight are sophomore Tony Lippett and sophomore transfer DeAnthony Arnett.

Playing time will be a task for the duo, but they have the talent to be regulars in the starting rotation as early as this season. So when the two trot out on the field together, expect big plays, but don't be surprised because it's something we have been seeing for the last four years.