MMA Fighter Appreciation 101: Blood, Bruises and Broken Bones

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MMA Fighter Appreciation 101: Blood, Bruises and Broken Bones

Every once in a great while, we as fans and enthusiasts forget just how dangerous the sport we love is for those fighters who entertain us.

I have often wondered just how much blood the fighters in the sport of MMA lose every calendar year, both in training and active competition. Yes, it’s a morbid curiosity, but it’s these kinds of questions that make me remember that even a little bit of blood is quite a bit, especially when it occurs outside the ring to a non-combatant.

When it occurs inside the ring, we as fans seem to have nothing more than a superficial reaction; it ceases to be anything more than a possible obstacle for the injured fighter to overcome.

We as fans talk at length about fighter injuries; mainly about how they are used as a crutch for poor performances or reasons to pull out of a fight and so on. We’ve seen fighters bleed so often that we expect more from them than we have a right to, but it’s something we've learned from them, given that they expect more from themselves than anyone else.

And then, there is the shocking safety record the sport of MMA enjoys. It’s touted so often, by fans and fighters alike, that sometimes we don’t remember that fabled line by Brutus: “Plebs love to see their betters fight. It’s cheaper than theatre and the blood is real.”

In that spirit, here is an accounting of blood, bruises and broken bones, all of it real and honestly earned in the theatre, although it never comes cheap.


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