5 More Things I Miss in Wrestling

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIIJuly 1, 2012

5 More Things I Miss in Wrestling

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    Well, Bleacher Creatures, it is time for another installment of the things that I miss in wrestling.  While this list usually generates quite a few comments, both good and bad, I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to share my opinions with you.  

    The more of these that I do, the harder it gets to think about those moments that I witnessed in those years of my childhood.  It always helps me out when readers leave their comments, so I encourage you to do that, as I take the time to read each one.  Enjoy your weekend.  

The Lex Express

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    In what arguably is the worst fashion display in wrestling history, Lex made his way across the country igniting patriotism in the citizens of our country.  No matter where he went, crowds of adoring fans cheered his every move.

    This culminated in the Bodyslam challenge issued by Yokozuna, where Lex made his triumphant entry.  The final result is what we all expected: the bodyslam of Yokozuna.  

Mid-Level Jobbers

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    I am not sure why I liked these characters so much, but you knew they were never a threat to the World Title, but somehow we remember them.  I posted the clip of the Brooklyn Brawler above, but there was Disco Inferno and Alex Wright in WCW.  Who can forget The Mountie and Doink the Clown in WWF?  I know they may not be defined as jobbers, but they weren't going to win any major titles for a lengthy period of time.  

    Currently, I see Heath Slater as this level of performer.  He gets his moment with a star, and three minutes later, he is not seen until next week.  

    Help me creatures, who else do you think would be defined as a mid-level jobber?

A Good Old Fashioned Lumberjack Match

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    As I was linking the video to the page, I found myself getting caught up in the match itself. Even 30 years after the fact, these lumberjack matches still have the ability to capture the viewers' attention.  

    Even though they were predictable because you knew the heel would always get the beating, as a child, they were a perfect way to end a Saturday morning or Saturday evening show. Granted, I know there have been some lumberjack matches in recent years, but they do not bring the same excitement as those from '70s and '80s.  

Chair Shots

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    This was something that I hadn't thought of when creating the other lists, but watching old clips on the Internet made me think of the importance of these in a match.  Just hearing the steel chair collide with someone's head made me cringe as I watched it, and I can understand why they have gotten rid of the chair shots to the head.  

    Watching the Rock hammering Mankind repeatedly only speaks to the toughness of these guys, and increases my respect for Mick Foley even more.  Enjoy the clip.

Old School Belts

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    I am not sure what has happened over the last 15 years, but the quality of belts in the world of wrestling has deteriorated.  I know I am in the majority of people that believe the spinner belt is ready to be dismissed for good, but there was something special about those belts from the mid-'80s.  I always think how many belts have been dismissed.  Television, European, Hardcore, Canadian champions are all some of the belts that have been used in the past.  

    Just one night, it would be great if they had a show honoring former champions of these belts.   


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    Thanks for reading.  Because of your faithfulness, I leave you with a gift.  Enjoy the clip.