Watch the Best Golf Trick Shot You'll See Today

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 28, 2012

Take a little under 20 seconds to appreciate one man accomplishing the impossible. 

OK, that may be a little too much for a trick shot that is merely a byproduct of hours upon hours of practice. 

That hardly makes this any less OMG worthy. 

We will also forgive the dishonorable action of filming the event vertically, because this shot is just too smooth for words. 

You have all been warned. Videos shot vertically will be passed over unless they feature something ridiculously awesome, or Kate Upton

Here we have a man who no doubt became bored at the driving range one day and figured he might try his hand at dribbling a golf ball on the end of the club. 

Funny, we know we have seen that before. 

BroBible reminds us of Tiger Woods doing the same thing, back when he was a competent golfer. 

The cherry on top of this trick-shot sundae is the final moment when our golfing buddy here places the ball on the back of his neck. 

With impeccable balance, he starts his swing, dropping the ball onto his perfectly timed swing to just...Bravo. 

There is really nothing else to do but clap until our hands hurt. 


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