Helsinki Video: Bulgarian Sprinter Suffers Horrible Leg Injury

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Bulgarian sprinter Georgi Kirilov Georgiev suffered one of the ugliest injuries I have seen in some time. His leg, it just did some unnatural things. 

Tis but a flesh wound. 

I dare you to get through the posted video without cringing. If you do, you are a much more sophisticated sports fan than I am, and a little too unaffected. In fact, I worry about you—get help. 

Big Lead Sports had this video posted and asserts the sprinter broke his leg. It's not clear as to exactly what happened as Georgiev's leg seems to bend in the opposite manner that was intended by nature. 

The Daily Mail has a report and states, "the result was a broken leg and dislocated knee."

I was looking for a more medically fitting description like, "Georgiev's knee suffered a horrible explosion of its insides as it went boom." I would also take, "awesome booboo." 

The amazing part in all this is the sprinter seems to have walked it off after plummeting to the ground at the European Championships in Helsinki. 

That's all I need to know that this 100-meter sprinter is all man. 

I half expected him to wave people off and proclaim he would finish the competition. A word to the wise, if you feel like you pulled something, stop, drop and stay. 

You don't want to push it and have your leg go rogue on you. 

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