Is Tyler Thigpen the Franchise Quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs?

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

Tyler Thigpen started the 2008 season as the third string quarterback. But due to injuries, he found himself as the starter as soon as week three.

Thigpen put up good numbers considering he is a third string quarterback. He had 18 touchdown passes to 12 interceptions. He also ran for 386 yards.

So looking at the stats, you would think this guy should be the quarterback going into the future for the Chiefs.

But with all that being said, we have to remember that he started the season as the third string quarterback for a reason.

He is very mobile but has questionable arm strength and accuracy. He was able to throw 18 touchdown passes, but that is mostly due to the outstanding play of Tony Gonzalez.

Another big problem is Thigpen's ability to win. He was only able to win one game while playing in 14. Thigpen was unable to score when it mattered the most. He would play very well the first half and maybe even the third quarter, but in the fourth he just could not put it together.

The defense didn't help any for Thigpen, but you can't blame it all on them, even though it's easy to.

With a new general manager and a new head coach, the Chiefs likely will be looking very hard for a new starting quarterback.

The Chiefs could look at getting Matt Cassel, who put up better numbers than Thigpen in his first year as a starter. Cassel threw 21 touchdowns to only 11 interceptions for 3,693 yards last season for the Patriots.

Tom Brady should be healthy by next season, so that would force Cassel out in New England. Cassel is franchised, so if he were to stay in New England, the Patriots would have to pay him $14 million to be a backup for Brady.

The Chiefs will have to give up at least one draft pick and possibly a player, but it should be worth it.

Another possibility would be Matthew Stafford. I see more and more mock drafts picking the Detroit Lions to select a tackle instead of a quarterback. So that would mean Stafford would be available at three for the Chiefs.

Stafford has a cannon for an arm and is definitely the best quarterback in this year's draft. Some say he is a bust, but how can you say that? He hasn't even stepped on the field as an NFL quarterback.

Stafford should succeed in the NFL. I haven't seen anything that would make me think otherwise.

Another possibility for the Chiefs is to trade down and get Mark Sanchez. Sanchez may need a year to polish his skills, so he will be more effective when he does become the starter.

There still is a remote chance that Thigpen remains as the starter for the Chiefs. But he will most likely become injury prone. He runs around like a lost puppy, and it will only take one hit by a linebacker that will knock Thigpen out for the year.

We could be seeing the next Trent Green when it comes to injuries. One concussion will lead to another, and eventually he will be unable to perform at the NFL level. I'm not singling out Thigpen; it's like that for all scrambling quarterbacks.

The Chiefs need to get a pro-style quarterback to lead them into the future. Cassel or Stafford could fit that void perfectly.