Hot Flash: Brett Favre Retires Again

Glenn CardSenior Analyst IFebruary 13, 2009

Hearing about Brett Favre’s retirement announcement once again is a lot like hearing my wife say she’s got a “hot flash” and thinking that I’m going to get lucky. After you find out it’s not happening a time or two, you learn to temper your expectations.


It’s fair to say that Brett has a history of waffling with his decision to retire. For years, the rumors and innuendos would fly at the end of every season.


Last year, Brett said “I retire” twice. Then, after recuperating in the offseason, said, “Oops, I didn’t really mean it.”


OK, so those aren't exact quotes.


The point is: There is a lot of time before the next NFL season begins. What we can be sure of is, Brett Favre has a deep love of the game.


It’s part of the reason why he has such a large fan base. He will take some time off and realize that he has something left in the tank.


Has he filed his retirement papers with the NFL yet?


When one has been working at the same job as long as he has, it will be difficult for him not to want to suit up again in the preseason.


This time around, though, he may have to be satisfied with a backup position. And what head coach would turn down the chance to have Brett as a backup for a year? At the very least, it creates the preseason competition that every coach seeks to keep the starter from becoming complacent.


He could even sit out the preseason and hope that he gets signed when a starting quarterback does go down. We’ve seen the Patriots sign players out of retirement.


I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Brett Favre.


So, when you hear him say “hot flash,” don’t light candles and put on mood music—because it just ain’t happening.