WWE and Summer: A Revolution Is Coming (Part 1)

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIJune 26, 2012

WWE and Summer: A Revolution Is Coming (Part 1)

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    With so many people coming up with ideas for the big angle over the summer, I thought it would be fun to throw my hat into the ring and express my own ideas about a WWE storyline for the summer.

    With that said, it's a bit out there—not unlike a lot of the others put up on this site, but it's an interesting thought...I think.

    One thing I notice popping up in a lot of people's ideas is the term "Paul Heyman Guys"—and while they tend to be a shift from what we normally see (though that doesn't apply to Brock), I think that's almost a bit TOO obvious.

    So with that said, I figured why not go with something a bit more realistic?

    With that said, my idea for the WWE and its summer angle is not an invasion...but a revolution!

In the Beginning

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    The thousandth episode of RAW kicks off with an undercard match—let's say...Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks vs. Jimmy and Jey Uso. And mid-match we have Zack Ryder come out and observe the match from the stage. 

    The Usos and Reks/Hawkins go at it for a good ten minutes, but Ryder comes down and stops the match. He says something to Hawkins and Jey (the legal men), who call Reks and Jimmy over. They all start talking, and leave together.

    Later on that night, Jack Swagger is seen talking to Alex Riley...but the two walk away when they see CM Punk coming down the alleyway.

    During the main event program, (regardless of whether it's a match or promo segment) Ryder, Hawkins, Reks, Jimmy and Jey all race down to the ring and attack whomever is in the ring—most likely Punk or Cena or both, with Ryder paying special attention to Cena and showing an interest in the WWE title, to close RAW ending with a very monotonous "Woo Woo Woo."

Smackdown Isn't Safe...

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    Smackdown opens up, with Cole claiming that Ryder, Hawkins, the Usos and Reks have all been suspended as of their actions—though nobody has seen them all day. Smackdown opens up with another undercard bout of Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis. Midway through the match, though, Bateman and Curtis stop wrestling and start talking to each other. After a couple of minutes, they shake hands and leave the ring together.

    The rest of Smackdown goes off without a hitch, the only thing of note being Antonio Cesaro and Aksana talking with Drew McIntyre—who turns to wish Sheamus the best of luck in his match tonight against Dolph Ziggler, before returning to Aksana and Cesaro.

    Smackdown goes on until the main event, which goes fine for awhile until McIntyre and Cesaro storm the ring and take out a weary Ziggler and Sheamus with McIntyre taking it to Sheamus and Cesaro locked in on Ziggler. Aksana comes out and raises the arms of McIntyre and Cesaro to end Smackdown.

Your Time Is Up

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    Monday Night RAW starts out with Vickie and Dolph in the ring, Vickie livid after what happened to Dolph on Friday. She wants Cesaro's head on a platter and McIntyre for a side dish—but she's joined quickly by Sheamus, who wants a crack at McIntyre.

    Sheamus and Ziggler are arguing for a few minutes about who's getting revenge first, but they get cut off as CM Punk makes his way to the ring. He basically says they can handle this Friday, but since it's Monday he's WWE champion and he's first in line—and Zack Ryder is first on his list.

    This is followed by an interruption from Cena, who says that Zack was his friend...and that he should get first dibs on beating Ryder's face in.

    Everyone bickers for a few minutes, but they all fall victim to an assault by Mason Ryan, Ezekiel Jackson, and The Great Khali. Basically, they're giving the business to Punk, Cena, Sheamus, and Ziggler, Ziggler getting the worst of it, with a vise grip from Khali, a spear from Ryan and the torture rack from Jackson. Consider him done for awhile, with Vickie out of there.

    Jackson, Ryan, and Khali all leave the ring and make it to the stage and out comes...Zack Ryder. He makes his way down to the ring acting as his regular face persona to mock the crowd til he gets to the ring. He grabs a mic and goes on this tirade about how unappreciated he is by the WWE and the crowd.

    He goes on to say he put his heart and soul into Z:TLIS and all it got him was a beatdown from Kane and a pitiful US title run, in which he got beat by Jack Swagger (making a special note that he doesn't resent Swagger for it, but saying instead that one of his broskis should have let Johnny Ace know that he couldn't compete.)

    He ends his promo by getting in the ring where the champions—Ziggler and Cena—are starting to come to. He says he's gonna show everyone that just because the smirks are behind you (aimed at Ziggler and Punk,) and the machine was behind you (aimed at Sheamus and Cena) doesn't mean you're untouchable.

Consequences and Repercussions

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    After the beatdown, everyone is in bad shape—but there's no rest for the weary, as the GM of the week William Regal lets the champions know. CM Punk is scheduled to go one-on-one with Cody Rhodes. (Of course Punk can barely stand, and Regal stays out for the match.)

    Rhodes picks the scraps and after a couple of minutes Punk tries to go for the GTS, but can't get Cody up (courtesy of Ryan's House of Pain maneuver) and gets caught with Cross Rhodes. As he's celebrating, though, Regal hits Cody with a Regal-Plex before leaving.

    Next match is Brodus Clay vs. Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan in a handicap match, with Ryan and Jackson picking up the win but getting DQed after they refuse to stop a post-match beatdown.

    Afterwards, we have Layla going one-on-one in a rematch with Beth for the title. However, the match is interrupted at the four-minute mark by Tamina, who takes both girls out with a pair or Superfly Splashes.

    We get a couple of uninterrupted matches until the main event—John Cena vs. Jack Swagger—but before the match can start, Ryder jumps Cena on the ramp with a steel chair, hitting a Zack Attack and a Rough Ryder on the chair before throwing him to Swagger who picks up the W.

    The night ends with Cena on the end of another beatdown: this time from Swagger and Ryder.

What's That Metronome I Hear...?

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    Smackdown kicks off with Sheamus in a frenzy: backstage looking for any of the guys who've attacked him, before he runs into Regal, who's running Smackdown as well this week because "he did such a good job with RAW." Sheamus is suspicious of Regal, but doesn't say too much other than he wants a match with somebody. Regal agrees, but says he'll find out his opponent later tonight.

    Over the course of the evening, we see matches such as the Usos going against A.W.'s Prime Time Playas, with them actually picking up the win.

    We also see Alicia Fox costing Kelly Kelly a match against Natalya, before taking Natalya down herself with an assist from Tamina.

    Also occurring is Cody Rhodes running the gauntlet of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd, but going down in defeat against Heath Slater.

    Jackson and Ryan are set for a tag match with Kofi and R-Truth, but as they await the arrival of the champs, Sheamus runs down with a steel chair and sends them packing. Regal arrives on the scene to calm Sheamus down and introduce his opponent: Drew McIntyre, with a stipulation that if Sheamus can't win, he becomes the number one contender for Sheamus's world title. 

    McIntyre brings up their past wrestling on the Indy circuit together, and claims that Sheamus is a success because of a machine and not through hard work and talent like himself—and says he intends to show it tonight.

    Sheamus agrees to the stipulation and the match ensues, but it's thrown out; as the match is put to a stop when Jack Swagger and Alex Riley rush the ring to save McIntyre from an imminent defeat. Jack makes a point to shove Drew after saving him—thus making Drew the victor by DQ—before they all turn their focus to Sheamus.

So Far?

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    The mark of a good story is to leave fans begging for more, so consider that part one. If I feel it's warranted, I'll write out the ending of this storyline.

    • Just a few points. 
    • This storyline is designed to have an impact on the roster for years to come. 
    • It's not one big stable, but more a lose affiliation with a common goal.
    • There will be some shocking upsets in the course of this storyline.
    • Expect to see some odd combinations as far as tag matches go.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. If you want to see how the story ends, just let me know your thoughts here and we'll see if it's worth it.