BR5: 5 Worst NBA Draft Suits of Past 5 Years Ft. Joakim Noah and James Harden

BR5Daily ShowJune 25, 2012

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NBA events are always memorable, just not always for the right reasons. With the 2012 NBA draft right around the corner, there’s no doubt that these festivities will be worth watching.

As BR5 looks ahead to the draft, we figured it might be worthwhile to look back on past NBA drafts. For your viewing pleasure: BR5’s list of the worst NBA draft day suits over the past five years. 

First, we look back at Nick Young, the first pick for the Washington Wizards in 2007. Unfortunately for all of us, he clearly was one of the last guys to wardrobe before the draft that night. 

The Los Angeles Clippers selected Eric Gordon seventh overall in the 2008 draft, but his outfit looked like something out of Scarface. Does Scorsese need an extra for his next gang flick?

Hasheem Thabeet was drafted second overall by the Memphis Grizzlies, and judging by his attire, it looks like he slept through his Fashion 101 course. That thing is shiny!

The Oklahoma City Thunder took James Harden third overall in 2009. Hopefully, he can spend some of the money he’s made on a fashion consultant. He should probably hire one for Russell Westbrook, too.

Finally, we have the ninth overall selection in 2007—Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls. With his clownish hair and bow tie, it looked like he was dressed for a Ringling Brothers audition.

There you have it, gang. What do you think? Any terrible outfits from the past five years we missed? Comment below!

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