Is Deion Sanders' Meddling a Conflict of Interest?

Brad JamesCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

If Deion Sanders has proven one thing about himself, it's that he will do his thing and get his name out there, regardless of how it affects those around him.

Generally, his histrionics have been relatively innocuous, as he danced and pranced his way to numerous touchdowns as a member of the Falcons, 49ers, Cowboys, Redskins, and Ravens.

As one might expect, while with the Cowboys, he developed a solid rapport with owner Jerry Jones and apparently has always been a fan of "America's Team."

With that said, one has to wonder if he's overstepped his bounds as an NFL Network analyst with his latest stunt.

As the Dallas Morning News reported earlier Thursday, Sanders is doing his best to get current Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis to join the Cowboys.

Perhaps the Cowboys are going to change themselves radically, as rumors have swirled about that Terrell Owens' days in the Big D could be numbered.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, it's inappropriate for an analyst to meddle with the affairs of an NFL team.

Now, one could easily argue that Dallas is poorly managed by Jones who, in his universe of myopia, claims that any news pertaining to the Cowboys is good news.

Undoubtedly, Jones is lapping this up; his team is getting additional press as columnists are finding fodder to fill up their respective newspapers in a time where there is not much other NFL news. Of course, that all changes next week, as NFL Network will broadcast the combine from Indianapolis, but this is still superfluous coverage.

While Deion Sanders is "Primetime" and arguably one of the best pure athletes ever to play in the NFL, there are some things he shouldn't do.

I am not a leader at my place of employment, Mid-Utah Radio in Manti, so it is therefore inappropriate for me to comment on what management (my mom and dad, oddly enough) should do with radio formats or other matters.

Sanders has actually grown on me with his analysis. So, with that said, he needs to stick to what he's good at.

If you have different opinions, I'd love to hear them.