Philadelphia Eagles: Last Chance in 2009

David Nelson@JvilleJaguarsCorrespondent IIIFebruary 12, 2009

Another disappointing year for Philadelphia Eagle's fans. But who would have thought that they were going to make it to the NFC Championship game? 

Making the playoffs seemed virtually impossible after their week-16 loss to the Washington Redskins. 

With all the rumors seemingly aside for the moment, it looks like Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are both here to stay for another year. With one year left on his contract, McNabb may only get one more chance to lead this team to the promised land. 

Growing up near Philadelphia, I witnessed how die-hard these Eagles fans are, and how absolutely nasty they can get after a poorly played game by McNabb.

However, the thought of the Eagles without him is a very difficult one to take in. McNabb has been the leader of this team for the past decade, and has given them a decent shot each and every year. 

The Eagles are not a young team. Their two main leaders, McNabb and Dawkins, are both getting into their mid 30's, and star running back, Brian Westbrook, is getting into his late 20's. Then include the wear and tear that Westbrook goes through each and every season. 

This team may only have next year to truly have a shot at a Super Bowl title for the next few years. 

McNabb's future is in his hands. A poor or decent season will mean the end in Philadelphia.

Kevin Kolb? No, sorry, Eagles fans, but he is not the answer. Life after McNabb, at this point, is not a winning picture.

So next year, it has to be the year. With two first-round draft picks, the re-signing of Brian Dawkins, and the offseason to get Westbrook healthy. 

Even the rumors have surfaced of Anquan Boldin becoming an Eagle. Whether or not that's true, that's a scary thought for other teams.

Samuel, Sheppard, Brown, Dawkins, Mikell, that is one heck of a secondary. This really could be a scary team to face.

Only a few teams will be able to compete with the roster that this team may be capable of having next year. The scary part is that it may just be for one more year.