UFC 147 Facebook Prelims: Results and Analysis

Steven Rondina@srondinaFeatured ColumnistJune 24, 2012

UFC 147 Facebook Prelims: Results and Analysis

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    As per usual, the UFC is streaming a pair of fights to fans to lure them into the night's event. In anticipation of UFC 147, a pair of prelim fights, being Felipe Arantes vs. Milton Vieira and Marcos Vinicius vs. Wagner Galeto Campos were visible on Facebook.

    On a card dominated by the young blood from The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, Arantes vs. Vieira stands out. Though neither fighter is a veteran by any means, Arantes and Vieira have both plied their trade under the Zuffa umbrella with Arantes sporting a 1-1 record before the fight, and Vieira with a single fight at lightweight in Strikeforce.

    Vinicius vs. Campos, meanwhile, was the first fight of the night featuring the now-alumnus of TUF: Brazil. Vinicius and Campos both lost to featherweight finalist Godofredo Pepey (Campos by decision, Vinicius by submission).

Arantes vs. Vieira Ends in a Controversial Split-Decision Draw

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    Felipe Arantes vs. Milton Vieira started out in the first round with some tentative striking that still showed how absolutely stoked the Brazilian crowd was for this event.

    While the MMA press had been heavily criticizing the event's depleted main card, which both lost the original Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva headline and then had the Vitor Belfort vs. Wanderlei Silva coaches' fight get scrapped, it was somewhat overlooked that this was still huge in South America.

    About two minutes in, Vieira took down Arantes, applied some light ground and pound, and shifted to side control.

    Arantes squeaked out, but Vieira kept on him and managed to keep Arantes on his back in guard position. Vieira postured and applied some heavier ground and pound, shifted to the side again and began working on a choke.

    Arantes worked back to guard position and kept him in that position until the end of the round.

    Round 2 started much like the first, with Arantes showing a bit more aggression standing and successfully shedding takedowns.

    Arantes kept the fight standing, peppered Vieira with jabs and leg kicks, and threw in a big knee.

    Late in the round, Vieira landed a spinning kick that staggered Arantes. Arantes recovered very quickly and took down Vieira, but any offense got cut short by the bell.

    Round 3 started with both fighters showing more urgency than before.

    Arantes had a clear advantage with his hands, showing better footwork and quicker jabs while Vieira threw punches short or dashed in with haymakers.

    Arantes grazed him with a head kick. Vieira threw out a desperation takedown attempt, but Arantes shook it off and got Vieira into an awkward ground position, although the latter successfully pulled him into his guard.

    The fight was, somewhat quickly, stood up, and the two got back to their unremarkable striking, which lasted until the end of the third round.

    The fight was relatively close, shown quite well by the fact that it ended in a draw.

    The decision will likely irk some, given the fact that Arantes landed a good number of strikes and won the second and third rounds in most fans' minds.

Marcos Vinicius Beats Wagner Campos with Shocking Third-Round KO

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    Wagner Campos and Marcos Vinicius, like the previous fight, showed the excitement in the crowd as roars came from every early swipe.

    Campos started early by bouncing quickly and throwing leg kicks to set up for punches. Vinicius threw a wild hook about half way through the first, but Campos ducked it, clinched and scored a takedown.

    Campos very quickly got into mount, landed some hard ground and pound and got an arm triangle. Vinicius locked his arm and leg together to keep his circulation, causing Campos to abandon the submission attempt and get back to ground and pound, which lasted until the bell.

    After about a minute, Campos kept the pressure on and caught Vinicius with a big overhand punch when Vinicius whiffed a flying knee, once again putting himself into an advantageous position on the ground. Campos' corner called for him to apply a kimura, but Vinicius resisted.

    Vinicius repeatedly got out from under him, but Campos relentlessly kept on his opponent, eating upkicks after each separation.

    As the third round started, Vinicius seemed doomed.

    However, he threw another flying knee, which landed hard to Campos' stomach. Then another knee landed to the same spot. Campos threw a wild punch that was dodged, then countered with a hard right hand that staggered him to the cage. Vinicius clinched, landed another knee to the body and unloaded punches until the referee separated the two.

    A truly remarkable comeback and an unfortunate loss for Campos.