WWE News: Metallica Possibly Performing at SummerSlam

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJune 23, 2012

Photo: Billboard.com
Photo: Billboard.com

According to superluchas.net (h/t wrestlinginc.com), legendary heavy metal band Metallica will likely perform at SummerSlam on August 19.

If Metallica performs at SummerSlam, it would not be the first time Metallica would be featured on WWE programming.

Not only has WWE been promoting Metallica's "Orion Music + More" Festival, but Metallica's "St. Anger" was the 2003 SummerSlam theme song and "All Nightmare Long" was the 2008 No Mercy theme song.

Furthermore, Triple H used the intro to "For Whom The Bell Tolls" in his WrestleMania XXVII entrance and "The Memory Remains" was used for the Hell In A Cell Match between Triple H and Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Ultimately, SummerSlam is undoubtedly known as WWE's second-largest annual pay-per-view after WrestleMania, so having a big-name band like Metallica perform would help the event live up to its reputation.

I wasn't a fan of Cee Lo Green's 2011 SummerSlam performance or MGK and Flo Rida's WrestleMania XXVIII concert, but I'm sure Metallica will not disappoint.

While I felt Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" and "Wild Ones" killed the aura of the start of the John Cena vs. The Rock match at WrestleMania, I'm sure Metallica's "St. Anger," "Enter Sandman" or "Damage, Inc." would enhance the aura of the start of the highly anticipated Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match. 

Unlike Flo Rida's "Good Feeling," Metallica's music fits pro wrestling like a glove. Both Metallica and pro wrestling are intense.

What do you think of Metallica performing at SummerSlam? Good thing or bad thing?