Tampa Bay Rays' "Fake" Throwbacks and MLB's 5 Ugliest Novelty Uniforms

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IJune 21, 2012

Tampa Bay Rays' "Fake" Throwbacks and MLB's 5 Ugliest Novelty Uniforms

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    Throwback uniforms are normally a very fitting tribute to a team's history. For some of baseball's younger teams, they don't have a long line of history to recall.

    These teams normally wait a while until breaking out throwback uniforms. The Tampa Bay Rays have decided to do something different. They will be wearing throwback jerseys from 1979. This is certainly an intriguing concept, since the Rays would not even come into existence for another 19 years.

    Other teams have attempted to wear novelty jerseys and the results were not good. While throwbacks are normally fantastic, there have been a number of duds when teams have tried to do something different with their uniforms.

Chicago White Sox

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    Baseball players do not wear shorts. It just does not look right. Former Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck decided that he wanted the team to incorporate shorts into their uniform during the 1976 season.

    The result made the White Sox look like a beer-league softball team. The legless uniforms were worn three times that year, which was three times too many.

Turn-Ahead the Clock

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    The future has the promise of many things: hoverboards, flying cars and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. Oh and one other thing, really hideous baseball uniforms.

    During the 1999 season, MLB implemented the "Turn Ahead the Clock" promotion in which teams wore futuristic uniforms. Ten teams opted out, and after seeing what the uniforms looked like, it was certainly a good move.

Tampa Bay Rays

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    The most impressive thing about the Tampa Bay Rays' throwback uniforms is the claim that they are throwbacks from 1979. How can you throw it back to a team that never existed?

    What the Rays should have done is wear throwback jerseys that honored the St. Petersburg Pelicans. They have broken out those uniforms before and they looked much better than the 1979 throwbacks.

Houston Astros

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    The Houston Astros have one of the best throwback uniforms in baseball with their Colt .45 uniforms, but they also have one of the worst.

    Houston wore this eyesore and kept their current logo on their batting helmets, which just made things worse. These uniforms were from the late '70s and they should not have been brought back.

San Diego Padres

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    Brown and bright yellow are not colors that should go together on a baseball uniform. The San Diego Padres have made that mistake multiple times during their existence.

    The primarily yellow jerseys were bad, but the ones that featured the reverse color scheme were much worse. San Diego should make sure that they do not wear these throwbacks anymore.