Oakland Raiders: Gradowski Signed, Will Jerry Porter Be Next?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 12, 2009

You may have heard that Bruce Gradowski was recently picked up by the Oakland Raiders. This was a bit of a shocker to me, considering we already have Andrew Walter to back up JaMarcus Russell.

I am satisfied with the play of Walter, as he gets the ball down field and has a quick release. Only time will reveal if this will be a productive move for the Raiders.

Now the exciting news. Jerry Porter was cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars recently, and I can only guess because he was injured and didn't play last year.

This is great news to me because Jerry Porter would fit in perfectly with the Raiders again. He was a great target for Russell from the start, and that was just when he was scratching the surface of his talent.

Going back into my time machine, I recall the great catches Porter made. As a Raider fan I enjoyed the way he could burn Champ Bailey easily, as he burned many corners in Oakland.

Porter also played with the two greatest receivers ever; Jerry Rice and the legendary Tim Brown. Jerry Porter spent eight seasons with the Oakland Raiders.

In this time, he played in a Super Bowl, caught 284 passes, scored 30 touchdowns, and for one year was our leading receiver.

Jerry Porter has been out for a year, but to me this means he has had time to heal and should be ready to catch the ball from JaMarcus Russell. Porter has always had great hands and he has great size as well.

I really feel he would be a valuable asset and we should go after him. I would gladly give up Ashley Lelie, and we all know Javon Walker was just a plain waste.

It would be great to have Porter, Higgins, and Schilens out there burning up the Charger and Denver secondaries. Porter knows the AFC West and would be a great teacher to the youngsters.

I can only hope that Tom Cable and Al Davis remember what a great player Porter was for the Raiders. I also feel certain that Porter could be bought a a fairly decent price. What we don't need is Denver picking him up.