Viral Video of the Day: Mario Balotelli Goofs off with Corner Flag in Training

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Is that a corner flag, Mario, or are you just happy to see us?

Of the approximately 37,000 reasons we love Mario Balotelli, this must rank somewhere near the top.

Thanks to the all-encompassing nature of saturated media coverage and the wonders of the Internet, we're now able to see the goofy Italian striker do goofy things almost in real time.

A convenient example is today's B/R Viral Video of the Day, which features Balotelli playing around with a corner flag.

What does that mean?

Just watch. You'll figure it out.

Once you've watched, please join me in trying to rank this latest zany incident in the long, long list of zany Balotelli incidents.

First, though, if you're unfamiliar with Balotelli's work, you should check out B/R world football lead writer Will Tidey's excellent pre-tournament rundown.

Highlights from that piece (and Balotelli's career) include throwing darts at youth players (they just happened to be from the same club), setting his house on fire, sleeping with a prostitute (once visited by Wayne Rooney) and of course the "Why Always Me?" incident.

Where does this rank? It's hard to say.

There's no law against one using props to make bad jokes about one's, er, member, so Balotelli likely won't be disciplined in any way.

But look at his face. He's truly enjoying himself—even if the dude photobombing the shot looks ready to snap someone in half.

For me, this ranks behind the darts and the housefire, but ahead of the prostitute and "Why Always Me?"

What do you think, readers?

(HT 101 Great Goals)

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