Should the Philadelphia Eagles Try to Land Michael Crabtree?

James WhiteContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

A large percentage of Eagles fans have wanted (and never received) a big play receiver to replace Terrell Owens.

Is there a possibility, with Philadelphia holding two first-round picks, for the Eagles to trade up for Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree, the wide receiver most have touted as the top player entering this years Draft?

If so, do you think Crabtree would be worth the cost?

How much is Crabtree likely to cost? Personally I can't see Crabtree getting past the Seattle Seahawks' fourth pick in the first round. Realistically we are looking at trading up to the second or third pick.

Trading for the Kansas City Cheifs' third pick is an option, but according to the trade value chart, the third pick in the draft is worth 2,200.

Both Eagles' first round picks (21st and 28th) combined are worth 1,460, but there are a few factors in our favor.

Kansas City has so many needs—offensive tackle is widely regarded as top priority, but there are also needs at cornerback, offensive guard, center, defensive end, and linebacker.

Quarterback could be added to the list depending on how the Chiefs feel about Tyler Thigpen. Tight end and perhaps wide receiver could be areas of need as well, with rumors speculating of a Tony Gonzalez trade.

A high percentage of mock drafts floating around have the Chiefs taking an offensive tackle with their first pick. There are four or five good prospects at offensive tackle this year, and one of them could possibly fall back to an Eagles pick.

If the Chiefs were to gamble and trade back, it would give them another first round pick to use on another need.

This is unlikely to be enough to persuade the Chiefs to make the move, but throw in Lito Shepherd to fill their need at cornerback and/or Reggie Brown (or even Kevin Curtis) for their potential need at wide receiver, and they could go for it.

What would the Eagles lose out on?

The only scenario that could justify the Eagles not using a first round pick on a tackle is if we manage to sign Gross during free agency.

We also need a running back to share the load with—and eventually replace—Brian Westbrook ,and we have a good opportunity this year, but not if we make this trade.

It would be a shame if we had to lose a player like Curtis, but he's getting on in years and the idea of Crabtree and DeShaun Jackson as starters could well be worth it.

It's an interesting and, perhaps crazy idea, but it just "might" work.

Although if Andy Reid were to make a play like this in the draft, it would tell me his time as Eagles head coach may be coming to an end. He always drafts with the Eagles long term future in mind, and never makes sacrifices for quick results.

A move like this could signal the fact that Reid might be attempting one last ditch effort for Super Bowl glory.

Could it happen?

More importantly, is Crabtree worth it?