Impact Wrestling Preview: Up to 8 Matches to Be Featured on Open Fight Night

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 20, 2012

It’s Thursday again and that means a new episode of TNA Impact Wrestling!

This episode will feature the company’s monthly Open Fight Night and they have confirmed up to eight matches as well as three segments.

Let’s see what TNA has in store for the fans in this stacked episode!


Clearing the Air: A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter Come Clean

In December, Christopher Daniels convinced Kazarian to turn his back on A.J. Styles. Everyone thought that Daniels was holding something over Kazarian’s head, but it was later revealed that he was with Daniels to keep him from revealing some damaging evidence against Styles.

Kazarian then began to help Daniels and the evidence started to come out.

Daniels and Kazarian revealed photos and video of Styles with TNA president Dixie Carter as well as a phone call between the two.

When Dixie tried to explain the situation before Slammiversary, her husband Serg punched Styles in the head.

At the pay-per-view, Styles received some revenge on Daniels and Kazarian when he and Kurt Angle took the Tag Team Championship away from them. Last week on Impact Wrestling, Styles and Dixie discusses coming clean and it seems to be happening this week.

What is the truth? Will Christopher Daniels and Kazarian prevent it from being revealed for some reason?


Gut Check: Who Will Get the Opportunity this Week?

TNA Gut Check has been around for a few years now as TNA has gone city to city giving independent wrestlers the chance to try out for TNA.

With the introduction of Open Fight Night, TNA brought it to Impact Wrestling. Independent wrestlers are given the chance to wrestle TNA talent while Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard and Taz judge their performance.

Two months ago, Alex Silva wrestled Robbie E and received a contract while Joey Ryan took on Austin Aries but failed in getting hired. Taz told him to come back, though, when he was ready to impress him.

Could Joey Ryan return for another shot? Will it be another well-known independent wrestler or a relatively unknown one?


Brooke Tessmacher to Defend the Knockouts Championship in a Fatal Four-Way Match

Brooke Tessmacher realized her dream at Slammiversary when she defeated Gail Kim to win the TNA Knockouts Championship. She came a long way from being in Extreme Exposé on WWE’s ECW.

Last week on Impact Wrestling, she picked up her first victory as champion when she defeated former champion Madison Rayne in a non-title match.

It was then revealed that the executive in charge of the Knockouts, Brooke Hogan, booked a fatal four-way match for the title on Open Fight Night. Gail wanted her one-on-one rematch so Hogan took her out of the match and declared that she would decide when she got her rematch.

The other three competitors have yet to be revealed, so who will receive the title shot? Will Brooke Tessmacher be able to survive this challenge?


The Main Event: Will Austin Aries Accept Hulk Hogan’s Offer?

Austin Aries made his return to TNA last July and began his rise in the X-Division immediately. He targeted then-X-Division champion Brain Kendrick, and after a few months, Aries captured the title in September.

Since then, the man calling himself the “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” has dominated the X-Division, defeating everyone the division had to offer.

Now the longest-reigning champion in the titles history, Aries wants the main event spot.

Last week after he retained his title in an Ultimate X match, general manager Hulk Hogan made Aries an offer. If he gave up the X-Division Championship, A Double could have a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match against Bobby Roode at Destination X.

Hogan gave him a week to decide and that week is now up. Will Austin Aries give up his title for a shot at the main event?


Sting Attacked: Who Went After the Icon and Why?

Sting has been with TNA Wrestling since their early days. He only appeared for the occasional show at first, but made his full-time return to wrestling when he joined the company permanently in 2005.

For the next seven years, Sting has performed for TNA, winning five world titles and only taking the occasional break. Sting is a true legend of the business and TNA recognized that at Slammiversary.

Before his match with Bobby Roode, Dixie Carter revealed that the Stinger was going to be the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Last week, he gave a speech to close the show, and after speaking of the honor and how others deserved to be inducted as well, he was attacked out of nowhere by three men wearing masks.

The masked men beat down Sting and left him out in the middle of the ring.

Who were those masked men? Why did they attack Sting? Could they possibly be the same men that kidnapped Samoa Joe for no reason in 2010?


Six Challenges, Six Matches: The Bound for Glory Series Continues

The Bound for Glory Series made its return to TNA last week when 11 of the 12 wrestlers competed in a Gauntlet Match to earn 20 points.

James Storm would win the match that would also feature A.J. Styles, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Magnus, Bully Ray, D’Angelo Dinero, Robbie E, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe.

The twelfth man was later revealed to be Mr. Anderson, who had lost a championship match to Bobby Roode in the main event.

This week, TNA is taking advantage of Open Fight Night and are allowing six of the wrestlers in the series to challenge the other six.

Which six will be making the challengers? Who will face who? Which wrestlers will walk away with points at the end of the night?

This episode of Impact Wrestling could be an explosive one as TNA presents a very intriguing looking Open Fight Night.

Will it be? Tune in at 8 p.m. to find out!


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