Let's Get It Straight About Al Davis

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 11, 2009

Al Davis, the man, the myth, the legend.

Today there are many people, even Raider fans, who talk down about Al Davis and what he has done to the Oakland Raiders. Many. Then there are the few and the really true fans of what Al Davis has done for the Oakland Raiders.

It should be noted that when the Oakland Raiders first began, they were the worst. They had players like Tom Flores, Clem Daniels, Hewritt Dixon, and many others only true fans know of. It was at this dark time a man, a myth, a legend joined the Raiders and he was Al Davis. Mr. Davis came to the Raiders and changed them to a vertical team while the rest of the NFL was short passing. He changed the Raiders into winners.

Al Davis combined the AFL with the NFL and then took the Raiders to three winning Super Bowls. I can hear many of you out there saying "that was the past" and I agree it was the past but that's just the start.

Al Davis then hired the iconic John Madden, who basically put the Raiders on top. If you look at the NFL versus Raiders comparison you will see that the Oakland Raiders dominate the majority of NFL teams when it comes to wins (Just win baby).

Al Davis has always had the heart and burning desire to make the Raiders great and he has. I feel that it is that spirit that created the Raider Nation, true fans devoted to the Raiders whether times are good or bad.

Getting back on track, Al Davis is the legend and should always be respected. He is respected in the NFL because the man does stand up for what he believes. He is a true maverick and whether the fans or the NFL complain about his style of execution Al Davis will do what he feels is best and he does.

During this past season, I never saw anyone complain about the playing ability of Asomugha, Jamarcus, McFadden, Fargas, Howard. Yet who is responsible for them becoming Raiders? Yes, Al Davis.

OK, so he fired Lane Kiffin. Big deal, the fact of the matter is that Kiffin played horribly with a team of elite athletes. I know for a fact that when Tom Cable defeated the Bucaneers in their own home and took Jon Gruden out of the playoffs, there was a huge amount of joy from the Raider Nation. I however heard no complaining about how Al Davis was running the team.

I agree with Al Davis that we need a good coach and I will stand behind whomever Al Davis hires. Win or lose I am a true Oakland Raider fan and will always, always defend the Oakland Raiders and Mr. Al Davis. I would never let any fan from any other team hear me say that my team is a joke.

I once heard a story that when Bill Walsh died there two good men at his side...John Madden and Al Davis. I am always hearing about the good side of Al Davis, particularly how he takes care of his players. It is a known that he is good friends with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and he respects Mr. Davis.

It should also be noted how many players have asked to have Mr. Al Davis induct them into the Hall of Fame. I believe that Mr. Davis holds the title for inducting the most players.

Mr. Al Davis is truly a legend in our own time. You can love him or hate him as many do about the Oakland Raiders. Yet the fact remains, the Raiders have a legacy because of Al Davis and although they may have not played up to par in recent times, it is not a reason to bash on Mr. Al Davis nor the team. You are either a fan or a whiner and I do not like whiners because they are the ones who whine about Al Davis when times are tough and give praise when the Oakland Raiders win.

Al Davis has done so much for the Raiders and he still continues to bring elite players to the Raider organization. He was a great coach, he is a great owner, and he brought the AFL to the NFL. So quit yer whining!