Chris Jericho's Return Is a Huge Opportunity for WWE

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistJune 19, 2012

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JULY 11:  Actor Chris Jericho poses at the Crown Royal suite at the ESPY Style Studio at the Mondrian Hotel on July 11, 2006 in West Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images for Crown Royal)
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Chris Jericho has been apart of more countdowns than the late great Dick Clark.

Once again, we are waiting for the return of Chris Jericho after serving a 30-day suspension due to kicking a Brazilian flag at a WWE live event in Brazil in May.

It seems Chris Jericho's return to WWE to bring the end of the world as we know it is looked at a disappointment by most fans. At the time, I tried to defend it and let it develop, but looking back at the 4 month run, it was filled with a lot of irrelevance.

WWE stuttered at the beginning of the run on as if they wanted Jericho to win the Royal Rumble. He then lost several times to CM Punk. For what reason does he not get a win over CM Punk? CM Punk is one of the top three faces of the company, he doesn't need to be put over by Jericho in that fashion.

This suspension could be a blessing in disguise for WWE and Jericho. In the time he's been gone, some entertaining storylines have gotten to build. The most notable being the WWE Championship title picture involving three big names on the top of the roster. While big angles like the one currently involving CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane and AJ continue to grow, many talents are left waiting for something.

Names such as Tensai, Big Show, Brodus, Clay, Ryback and even John Cena are all possibilities for Chris Jericho. Notice, I named both heels and faces because Jericho is returning. It's almost like starting over. It's all a matter of how WWE inserts him back in to programming.

Ryback could squash two more jobbers, yells “feed me more” and out comes Chris Jericho to stare him down – Jericho remains a heel but there is an interest because he would be the first name, and a big one at that, to face Ryback.

Big Show and Brodus Clay probably cancel each other out as I think they will be paired up in a feud featured primarily on Smackdown based on there history over recent weeks with each other.

Tensai would be a chance for Chris Jericho to return as a face. Jericho is one of the most intelligent, gifted heels, but being able to play to the crowd might be what the WWE audience needs to wash the taste of the lackluster heel run out of their mouths. This could also provide more momentum for Tensai if a solid conflict can be developed around the two.

Then there is always John Cena. The trouble with this is it would be the same trap as how the CM Punk feud panned out.

Good matches with two guys who can wing it on the microphone but it all lacks a purpose. I also think WWE wouldn't be able to control the audience like they want who is supposed to be the heel or face. The audience is suppose to always be right but Vince McMahon doesn't always believe that.

Cena always fights for what he believes in and accepts his haters. Jericho tries to make everyone hate him by being above them.

Those character point of views mixed with the controversial audience wanting to cheer Jericho and hate Cena – it will be a jumbled mess. A jumbled mess, again, with no real purpose. At least CM Punk versus Chris Jericho was a first and with the WWE Championship.

WWE has a big opportunity to bounce back in once again reintroducing Jericho to weekly programming and it's exciting knowing he's coming back to see if they book him better. The man with more countdowns than Dick Clark will see another return clock hit zero next Monday night – I just hope WWE doesn't treat this like New Years and drop the ball.