World Football's Biggest FAILs of the Week

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterJune 19, 2012

World Football's Biggest FAILs of the Week

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    Euro 2012 is about glory and drama, but it can also be about failure.

    Case in point: This week, we're bringing you the Euro 2012 edition of World Football's Biggest FAILs of the Week.

    With the tournament nearing its knockout stage, plenty of FAIL has already been on display, mostly in the stands.

    Keep reading for all the head-scratching moments.

Italian Costumes

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    These costumes are actually pretty clever. If you're not aware of Mario Balotelli's exploits, B/R's Will Tidey has an excellent rundown here.

    But here's the thing: The costumes were good enough without the racist blackface.

    So, for the costumes: WIN.

    But for the blackface: FAIL.

    (h/t Instagram via BuzzFeed)

I'm a Joker, I'm a Smoker…

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    Face painting is a rite of fandom, but this doesn't really make much sense.

    We're curious: Why the Joker?

    As we'll see, the Batman theme is far from finished at Euro 2012.

    (h/t BuzzFeed)

Can You See Me?

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    Is it Zorro? Or is it Robin?

    No, silly. It's Rey Mysterio Jr.

Bendtner's Big Fine

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    Danish forward Nicklas Bendtner on Monday was fined €100,000 (about £80,000) and suspended one international match for his boxer shorts-baring stunt during Denmark's loss to Portugal last week, via the Agence France-Presse.

    There's nothing wrong with UEFA fining Bendtner, but as the Daily Telegraph has pointed out, €100,000 was a bit excessive—especially compared to the governing body's responses to racism and fan trouble.

Shabby Chic

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    Surely this is a hoax. Right?

    This, supposedly, is a leaked version of Liverpool's new third kit (via Who Ate All The Pies).

    The chic look comes complete with faux velour styling, tribal designs on the arms and an almost impossible clash of hot purple and mustard yellow.

    Gruesome, truly.

Look Away Now

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    Please, for the sake of humanity, wear shorts next time.

    No one wants to see that.

Moves Like Jagger

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    Finally, this is so much FAIL, it's almost a massive WIN.

    Moves like Jagger? Nope, more like Jagielka.