Is It Likely We Will See Five Title Fights for UFC 100?

Thomas YungContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

The only thing we can be sure of about UFC 100 at this time is that it will take place in Las Vegas, NV and that it’s going to be an epic.

The UFC president, Dana White, who is fond of using the F-word in every sentence, is also known for putting together and promoting exciting fights but is he ready to put together five title fights in one night because the expectation for UFC 100 is sky high?

Not much details have been released for UFC 98, and UFC 99 but I would be hoping that there will not be any title fights in either of those two events. Matt Hughes v Matt Serra has been mentioned to take place in either event.

If that happens, it would be looking more and more likely that we are going to see five title fights with five main events right across the board.

Possible fights on the UFC 100 fight card should look something like this:

First Title Fight: “The Prodigy” PJ Penn vs Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian

Second Title Fight: George “Rush” St. Pierre vs  Thiago “the Pitbull” Alves

Third Title Fight: *Anderson “the Spider”Silva vs *Patrick “the Predator” Cote

Fourth Title Fight: “Sugar” Rashad Evans vs Quintin “Rampage” Jackson

Fifth Title Fight:  **Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir

*The 3rd Fight would be a title fight, providing Anderson Silva defeating Thales Leites in UFC 97. The injury to Cote suffered in UFC 90 should require six to eight months of recovery time and he may be healed by the time UFC 100 happens.

Whether he is ready mentally and physically to face Anderson Silva is anybody’s guess but I am sure the fans would like to see a definite conclusion between these two fighters.

**Although Lesnar v Mir II has been rumoured for UFC 98 but it has not been confirmed officially on at this time.

Fans have been dreaming of some less than likely scenarios on other websites for UFC 100 such as a one day tournament with semi-finals and final matches to determine the winner, to the arrival of the “Last Emperor” Fedor into the UFC.

The “Five Title Fight” for UFC 100 is the most popular choice as it is really what most fans want to see and will definitely pay anything for. The expectation for UFC 100 is higher and higher everyday while even a three title fight card may not even be good enough for the special occasion.

Is Dana going to turn this Five-Title Fight Card into a reality? I hope so. The way the fight cards had been announced for UFC 95-UFC 97 with only one title defense, there is still a possibility for all five title holders to get ready to show up for the biggest event for the UFC. If Dana decides to announce the five title fight matchups, it would surely be one hell of a night in Las Vegas for MMA.