Hulk Hogan: TNA Hall of Fame Inductee?

Tony Dolemite@tonydolemiteCorrespondent IIIJune 24, 2012

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Courtesy of Getty ImagesElsa/Getty Images

By the time Bound For Glory arrives in October, we will know all of the inductees in to the TNA Hall of Fame.

Inducting Sting makes sense considering how much he has contributed to TNA throughout his career. Sting gave the company credibility when it needed it most.

There are a number of other performers that have contributed to TNA and deserve to be inducted. I'd like to toss Hulk Hogan’s name into the mix. Should he be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Common sense says no. Hogan’s presence has done nothing to enhance the product or the company overall. I look at Hogan and say to myself, if nothing else, TNA has done more for him than he has for them.

TNA has allowed Hogan to remain in the spotlight way past his time. Being a Hogan fan, I enjoy seeing him walk down that aisle and talk, but that’s about all he can do. He can longer give us the kind of matches that made him special throughout his career.

Right now, the best thing for Hogan is to serve in his current role as Impact general manager. He should put talent like Austin Aries over himself more often. 

The argument can be made that Hogan’s presence alone did more for the company's profile than other stars combined. Initially more fans tuned in to watch Impact because they were Hogan fans and wondered if he had anything left to give. Non-Hogan fans wanted to see if his stint in the company would be like his time in WCW, giving them the right to say, "I told you so."

Would Hogan coming to TNA mean a new direction for the company, finally giving them leverage in their quest to be on the same level as The WWE, or would TNA go down the same path that WCW did and eventually collapse? History has already answered those questions.

Hogan is one of the most polarizing figures in the history of the business. No matter what he does, people are fascinated by him. Whether he plays the part of the heel or the face, all eyes are on Hogan—that has been proven over and over again.

Although he is way past his prime and can no longer perform, there are a number of fans that still want that one more match. The cheers he still gets rival that of today's most popular stars.

At this point it might be premature to induct Hogan. Maybe after all is said and done, when Hogan is just a memory, we can better answer this question. For now, leave him out.