LA Kings Video: Watch KTLA Refer to Stanley Cup Champs' Parade as Lakers'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 15, 2012

Los Angeles manages to fail miserably at remembering which team plays hockey in their city. 

Local news station, and L.A. think tank, KTLA was reporting on the upcoming L.A. Kings parade on Thursday. But they managed to bumble the easy task of calling out the right team—something that has plagued this fine city since the playoffs began. 

Every time there is a local report on the L.A. Kings, I sit with bated breath as my pulse begins to rise. Okay, one anchor throws to another reporter without error. Okay, that reporter didn't screw up the name of the team that has played in L.A. for decades. 

Just need the idiot in the helicopter to...Damn it.

I love my town. I love the diversity, the food and the sports teams. But I don't like our stupidity. 

Here is a video showing Mark Kriski throwing to Ginger Chan like a pass from John Stockton, clean and without error. That's when Chan picks up the ball and tosses it to the Mario Chalmers of sports reporting, helicopter pilot Mark Kono. 

Sure, it's his job to merely report on L.A. traffic, which could be done from his living room as he speaks into a phone, stating, "Yup, there is a boatload of traffic again today." Yet he had to go outside his comfort zone on this ill-fated day and report on a victory parade—something we usually reserve for the Lakers. 

This small blunder may not be worth much attention, but after so many gaffes, it's time we step up and call out anyone who dare diminish the Dodgers' victory. 

Crap...I mean the Kings. 


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