Oakland Raiders: What SHOULD Happen, in My Opinion

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IFebruary 9, 2009

Before you read this, please remember: This is what I think SHOULD (key word: "Should") happen. Not what actually will happen.


The Raiders have many needs, and they need to draft well. Here's what SHOULD happen.


First round: In the first round, I think the Raiders should go for Jeremy Maclin, WR from Missouri. JaMarcus Russell has one of the strongest arms in the NFL, and Jeremy is a blazing fast receiver who can catch the deep ball.

Not only would Jeremy Maclin help Russell, he could also help Johnnie Lee Higgins. If Jeremy was always catching long balls, teams would put all focus on him, like teams do to Larry with the Cardinals, and Johnnie Lee would have much less attention from defenses, getting open with his great speed.

Same thing with Chaz Schillens. Jeremy Maclin could also help Darren McFaddenn/Michael Bush/Justin Fargas. Teams would be expecting the pass, after a few good gains from it, and there comes the run!

So if Jeremy Maclin would help the QB, two good WRs, and the RB group, I think it's safe to say that he would be helping the whole offense.


Second round: Since I don't really follow College football that much, I won't put a name for the second round, but I think the Raiders should draft a RT. Many people think that the Left Tackle position is one in need of fixing, but I liked the way Mario Henderson played in those last two games.

Remember, blocking Mario Williams isn't so easy. But deciding that the Raiders need help in the pass protection is.


Third round: I would draft a DT in the third round being the Raiders, and get rid of Sands, and replace him with the third round draft pick. The Raiders could definitely use one.


Getting rid of players

Now, usually this should just be a three-to-five-game suspension, but Sands isn't even good! There is no reason to keep him. He sucked last year, and he sucks again this year. HE FAILED HIS SECOND CHANCE! GET HIM OUT!

Kwame Harris must’ve cost the Raiders 50 yards HIMSELF on penalties, not to mention he isn’t quite the best Lineman in football. Harris is definitely not the awnser.

If we were able tProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 oxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 2C I would also cut Javon Walker, Drew Carter, Either Oren O’neal/ Justin Griffith (one of the two) considering that the Raiders probably don’t need two fullbacks, but many of these players have many years left in their contract, and guaranteed money that would go to waste.



Chris Johnson: After DeAngalo Hall was cut, the Raiders' backup was Chris Johnson. Chris played 10x better than Hall, and showed excellent play in the last eight games of the season. His contract is ending soon though…

Nnamdi Asomugha: Every Raider fan should know how Nnamdi is. He was selected 31st overall pick in the 2003 draft out of Cal as a FS. Almost NO (including Brett Favre) QBs ever throw his way.

Many Non-Raider fans think that Asomugha is not staying in the silver and black next year, but there is no way Al Davis is going to pass up on Nnamdi.

From Pat: “The problem with Nnamdi is that he's a corner. Not too many teams will break the bank on one. Lito Shepherd was hung out in Philly for trade and in 6 weeks the Eagles had no reasonable offers.

"Do that with a QB or a wide receiver and a line will form. Not too many teams are going to be able to afford or be willing to pay for Nnamdi even though every team would love to have him. It's the nature of the position.”


OK, I’m getting tired of writing explanations that you guys already know.

Shane Lechler
Jon Alston
Isaiah Ekejuiba
Rashad baker
Jake Grove

Free agent signings

The Raiders last year went berserk at free agency, and many of those players are now injured, or no good. So, maybe the Raiders should take it easy on FA this offseason.
The only FA the Raiders truly need would be a good OLB. Besides that, maybe a DT, but not much on FA would be nice.


So that’s what I think SHOULD happen, but, probably won’t with Al Davis. Thx for reading!