AFC South Blind Side: What Houston Texans Fans Won't Admit

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistJune 13, 2012

I appreciate the passion, but maybe you aren't the most objective dude on earth.
I appreciate the passion, but maybe you aren't the most objective dude on earth.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In my short time writing the AFC South Blog, I've gotten a sense for the fan bases around the division. None has impressed me as much as the Houston Texans.

I feel for Texans fans, because while they are blessed with a few good writers, in all, coverage of the Texans is woeful. It is harder to find good Texans coverage than any of the other teams in the division.

The result is a rabid group that is criminally underserved. I've found them to be the most active and enthusiastic of any of the teams in the South. Some of that might be due to the fact that they have the best team in the division, but I doubt they are merely front-runners.

Still, in my dealings with Texans fans, I've found them to be oversensitive to any criticism of the team. Fans always bristle when a writer questions some aspect of their club, but the Texans fans in particular find slights where none are intended.

The "Blind Side" for the Texans fans is this: Your team is not perfect.

The Houston Texans are a good team in a very weak conference. That makes them instant Super Bowl contenders, a point I've made many times. They are not a juggernaut, however.

They have a glaring weakness at wideout. I'm not crazy about Gary Kubiak, whose resume is mediocre at best. And while I agree with the moves they made this offseason, the team is not quite as good as it was last year.

These are legitimate criticisms of a good team and a sound organization. Many Houston fans will have none of it, however, perceiving any mention of the weaknesses of the Texans as a personal slight.

Much of this comes from the fact that after 10 weeks of the 2011 season, they were the best team in football. That moment, that pinnacle is frozen in the minds of some. All the injuries that happened after that point are are irrelevant (no matter how predictable some of them were). These fans see the Texans as the rightful defending Super Bowl champs.

While the Texans die-hards aren't as deluded as the more extreme fans of the Colts, they could use a little more of the Jaguars self-criticism.

You've got a good, solid team, Houston. You are right to be proud of them.

Just try to open your eyes a little and admit they aren't perfect.