MLB Trade Deadline: Contenders Who Need to Make Moves

Zack Alspaugh@AlspaughZaContributor IIIJune 12, 2012

MLB Trade Deadline: Contenders Who Need to Make Moves

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    As the summer continues to heat up, so will talk of trade potentials and teams looking to make adjustments for a late-season push.

    Although it is still fairly early, injury, slumps and poor records have already began to plague major league clubs.

    Some teams like the Chicago Cubs, the Houston Astros and, perpetually, the Oakland Athletics will enter rebuilding mode and begin to sell off contracts for prospects.

    Others, such as the San Fransisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers and Miami Marlins, who are in the hunt for October, will take on loaner veterans to help get their teams over the hump.

    Here is a look at some possible trade talks before the All-Star Break.


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San Francisco Giants

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    As the San Francisco Giants continue to heat up in their race with the Dodgers, weak spots in the lineup have become apparent.

    They will need a decent fourth outfielder to provide a cushion for injury and make up for the lack of offense from Aubrey Huff and Nate Schierholtz.

    However, don’t expect anything as flashy as last year’s Beltran-for-Wheeler deal.

    A viable option is Minnesota Twins’ Josh Willingham, who will bring some power to the Giants' lineup and help fill gaps in the bottom of the order.

    Another important addition would be another middle infielder to replace the still-injured Freddy Sanchez. Names such as Houston’s Jed Lowrie or Colorado’s Marco Scuturo will likely float around.

    However, trades within the division could be unlikely.

    Don’t be surprised if the struggling Tim Lincecum joins the soon-to-be-wild trade rumors. However, Giants fans might not be so forgiving if Sabean sells the fan favorite for August support.

Miami Marlins

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    Miami's big-name bullpen acquisition, Heath Bell, has continued to flounder in 2012.

    He has put up abominable numbers and leaves manager Ozzie Guillen no choice but to continuously yank him in the ninth.

    With the Marlins' bats coming to life in May, led by Giancarlo Stanton, and an already strong starting rotation, Miami's trade focus will be on solidifying their bullpen.

    A roster-changing option is San Diego's nasty set up man Luke Greggerson.

    He has consistently proven to be untouchable in clutch moments and, without a big- name closer or a winning record in San Diego, he could make for some solid Marlin trade bait.

Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Kemp opened his 2012 campaign as the hottest hitter in the league. He quickly propelled the Los Angeles Dodgers to the best record in the league.

    Since going down for the second time with a nagging hamstring, LA has begun to sputter.

    In order to stave off the heating-up Giants and remain the NL West's leading contender, they may need to trade for some bats to make up fr the lost production in Kemp's absence.

    Like, for example, getting no-hit by a collection of Seattle Mariners pitchers several days ago.

    One cheap option is Houston's OF/1B Carlos Lee who, for a veteran player, still has a strong amount of power left in hi swing. He is no Kemp defensively, but that's not why the Dodgers would acquire him.

    Minnesota's Denard Span is a second option.

    He doesn't have as as much pop, but he can hit for average and is quick on the bases.

    Baserunning and defense never hurts, and though the Twins will be in the market for young talent, the Dodgers can afford to unload a couple of prospects.